Lawsuit Funding and Settlement Loans

We provide lawsuit cash advances on future settlements and jury awards with 24-hour approval.  LawStreet Capital has earned its reputation as one of the leading lawsuit funding companies in the US by providing fast access to cash at the lowest rates possible. We are a direct funding source, which means when we fund your pending lawsuit, you can be assured that there are no hidden fees to pay, and you will receive your cash advance quickly and easily.

Funding for plaintiffs and attorneys. We provide pre settlement litigation financing for both plaintiffs and attorneys. Plaintiff funding allows personal injury victims to pay their mortgages, rent and other living expenses that mount up while waiting for their cases to settle. LawStreet can help you manage your cash flow while you wait for the legal process to run its course. When insurance companies and others delay payment to force plaintiffs to settle for less, LawStreet can help you bridge the gap and pay your bills.  Even after the verdict, plaintiffs may have to wait months or years to receive payment. Attorneys may also face cash management issues either before or after litigation. LawStreet can provide the cash advances you need to stay on top.

Sell your structured settlement. Are you already receiving your settlement or jury award in structured payments, but find yourself in immediate need of a larger lump sum? LawStreet Capital offers a variety of options for cashing in all or part of your future settlement payments, so that you can get your money now, when you need it most.

Risk-free lawsuit funding. Although pre settlement funding is referred to by many as lawsuit loans, they are not loans at all. In fact, the cash advance you receive is risk-free, and in the event that you do not win or settle your case, you owe nothing. When you apply for pre settlement funding, we will evaluate your legal case and give you the largest cash advance possible.  LawStreet Capital is a premier lawsuit funding company that understands many families cannot wait for their cases to settle; we can provide your cash advance quickly, and for the highest amount.

Apply Now – 24 Hour Approval

We make getting your lawsuit cash advance as easy as possible. Simply complete the online application to the right; there’s no charge to apply! We will contact your attorney and make a decision within 24 hours. Once your approval is made, we can overnight your check to you, or wire the funds into your account.

Don’t settle your case because of financial pressure. Let us help you get the value you deserve from your pending lawsuit. Apply now and find out how much funding you can receive right away. Find out why LawStreet Capital is one of the leading lawsuit funding companies in the United States. We finance lawsuits in all 50 states and make the process as painless as possible. Call today!

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