Commercial Lawsuit Funding

Commercial litigation can put a heavy financial strain on small businesses. The legal process can be lengthy, with some cases taking months, and even years, to resolve.  The good news is that business owners have options in commercial litigation funding that will help them pay the bills, make payroll, and keep operations running smoothly until the case is settled.

About litigation funding

When you are in the throes of legal action, the process can seem to drag on forever. This is where commercial litigation funding comes in. Through cash advances from legal funding companies, businesses can pay litigation costs and daily operating expenses while waiting for a settlement to be reached.

When financial pressures begin to mount, there is a temptation to settle a case early, and for less than an attorney could have negotiated for if more time was allowed. Companies may give up thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars just to finish the case quickly. But with lawsuit advance funding, businesses can buy themselves additional time to allow the legal process to run its course, ensuring they receive the largest possible settlement.

Types of commercial litigation funding

There are many types of commercial lawsuits that may qualify for litigation funding, including:

  • Anti-Trust: Involves unfair practices between businesses, such as the formation of monopolies and some types of mergers and price fixing.
  • Breach of Contract: When an agreement is made between two parties and one party fails to live up to the contract terms.
  • Construction: When poor workmanship results in problems like leaky plumbing or a cracking foundation, construction litigation may be the best option.
  • Environment: Businesses that are accused of polluting the air or water in the community where they are located may face environmental litigation.
  • Jones Act: Involves injuries to workers on ships at sea.
  • Patent: Infringement on a patent by a third party.
  • Product Liability: Lawsuits filed because a product or service does not work as promised.

A legal funding company can help

If you or your business are involved in a commercial dispute, LawStreet Capital can help. We offer pre settlement funding to both companies and individuals while they are awaiting a resolution to their case. The application process is fast and easy, and our rates are the lowest in the industry. There is no risk! If you do not settle your case, you owe nothing.

Don’t let a legal matter put an unnecessary financial strain on your business. Contact LawStreet Capital today at 800-345-8500 and let us help you in your time of need.