Settlement Funding

Collecting on your pending or settled lawsuit takes time – in some cases, two to five years. During this time, your financial burdens may be heavy as bills continue to pile up, while all your personal funds are tied up in litigation. Pre settlement and post settlement funding from LawStreet Capital can provide a viable solution to mounting debts, and quick access to cash while waiting for your case to settle.

LawStreet’s cash advance services can ensure that you receive a fair award rather than being forced to accept a low settlement due to pressing financial needs. We can help you avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy, or help you refinance an existing lawsuit loan to a lower rate. LawStreet Capital (LSC) offers the fastest, easiest application process, with zero up-front fees so you can pay your bills and afford to wait for the settlement you deserve.

Benefits of Settlement Funding with LSC

LawStreet Capital is a leading provider of lawsuit cash advances in all 50 states for individuals expecting a settlement from a pending lawsuit or judgment. We understand that litigation takes time and money, and our team of specialists are here to help you when you need it most.

At LSC, we offer the lowest rates in the industry, and clients are guaranteed fast, 24-hour approval for all lawsuit settlement funding applications. Need your money in a rush? Upon approval, you can get your funds overnight. Other perks of applying with LSC: no employment verification, no credit checks and no monthly payments.

How Settlement Funding Works: No Risk To You

When you apply for pre settlement lawsuit funding with LSC, it’s important to understand that the money is not a “loan” in the traditional sense. These are cash advances, also referred to as pre-settlement cash advances, which are non-recourse loans. We can provide you with a settlement advance against your anticipated lawsuit recovery and you’re only obligated to repay the advance if you win your case. There is no risk to you, and we offer a free quote with no obligation! Advance lawsuit funding can be used in many types of cases including:

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Construction Negligence
  • Railroad Injuries (FELA)
  • Civil Rights
  • Jones Act Worker Claims
  • Pedestrian Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Workplace Injury
  • Workers Compensation

LSC is a Direct Lender, Not a Middleman

Our company acts as a direct lender, meaning we assume the risk and you get the cash upfront. Remember that if you don’t collect on your lawsuit, the cash advance does not need to be paid back – so there is zero risk to you. Since there is no limited offer with LawStreet Capital, please take your time to determine if legal settlement funding would help your situation. Unlike other lawsuit funding companies, LSC has no hidden fees and is here to help you and your loved ones during trying times.

The application is absolutely free and as simple as completing our online form. After contacting your attorney, you’ll have a decision within 24 hours and we can overnight your check or process an electronic bank transfer directly to your account. Our dedicated representatives are here to assist any time night or day. When you’re ready, please fill out your information to the right of your screen or call LawStreet Capital toll free at 800-345-8500.