Lawsuit Advance Funding

When you filed your lawsuit, you were probably hoping for a quick and easy process that would result in the settlement you deserve. Unfortunately, forces beyond your control can force cases to carry on much longer than you anticipated. Meanwhile, you may be faced with overwhelming expenses. These may include costs for surgery, medical treatments, medications, and therapy, along with additional expenses for transportation, childcare, property damage, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Lawsuit advance funding is a type of cash advance. Once you’re approved, you receive an advance on your predicted lawsuit settlement. The amounts range from $500 to thousands of dollars, and can help tide you over until your case is completed. The application is free, and there are no up-front costs. If you lose your lawsuit, you owe nothing to the legal funding company.

Lawsuit advance funding determined by the details of your case

How can you qualify for pre settlement lawsuit funding? LawStreet Capital considers several factors when reviewing your application.

The facts of your case must demonstrate clear liability on the part of the defendant. The more evidence you and your personal injury attorney have against the defendant, the more likely you are to receive settlement funding. If other similar cases have been won against the defendant, for example, or if there are clear indications that a judge and jury would find the defendant liable, your odds for being approved go up.

In addition to being liable, however, the defendant must also have the ability to pay damages. Adequate insurance coverage, for instance, means the individual or company that is held liable for your injury will be able to pay compensation. A defendant company with a stable history of profits and performance will also influence your likelihood of receiving legal funding.

Other factors considered by legal funding company

LawStreet Capital will take into consideration other expenses that will need to be paid from any settlement you may receive. If you have significant medical bills, for example, the settlement will be used to pay these. If you have an ongoing need for medications or physical therapy, or need equipment like a wheel chair, these will also figure into the total expenses that need to be covered. A significant settlement will provide enough to pay all parties.

It is also important to determine your attorney’s fee structure.  Are you paying by the hour or has your attorney been retained on a contingency basis?  For the purpose of acquiring lawsuit advance funding, legal funding companies almost always require that your attorney has agreed to payment contingent on the outcome of the lawsuit.  LawStreet Capital assumes a similar risk.

State laws may also dictate your eligibility for litigation funding.

Apply for settlement funding today

Don’t let financial pressure force you to settle for less than you deserve. You can apply for settlement funding through LawStreet Capital with no upfront costs or fees, and find out if you may be approved for settlement funding. In most cases, we can tell you within 24 hours whether or not you are approved.

To determine your options, simply fill out the online application or call toll-free 800-345-8500. One phone call may put an end to the financial worries associated with your pending legal matter.