Pre Settlement Funding

Are you in need of pre settlement funding against a pending lawsuit?  At LawStreet Capital (LSC), we offer cash advances to plaintiffs against the future awards expected from their lawsuit. This type of lawsuit advance funding enables you to borrow money with no risk at all; and is referred to as a ‘non-recourse loan.’ In other words, you repay the cash advance from LSC only if you win the case. If you don’t collect on your lawsuit, there is no obligation and the cash advance does not need to be repaid.

At LSC, we understand that legal action takes time and money, and even if you win your lawsuit, you may not receive the funds for several months or even years.  The reality is that many individuals cannot work after an injury, and can’t manage to pay all their daily living expenses while involved in protracted litigation. Delays in court lead to increasing financial stress can result in bankruptcy or foreclosure, and often plaintiffs are forced to accept a settlement that is much lower than they deserve. LawStreet Capital is among the nation’s top settlement funding companies, and a trusted leader when it comes to helping plaintiffs who are awaiting settlement of pending lawsuits, allowing them to move forward without economic worries.

Pre-Settlement Funding is Easy with LawStreet Capital

If you are being forced into accepting a lower cash award due to financial constraints and do not wish to settle your case for less, please consider the many advantages of lawsuit advance funding with LSC. LawStreet Capital offers an easy online application with zero obligation or fees, ensuring you can pay your mounting bills and recover the full cash award in your pending lawsuit. As a direct lender, we offer the most comprehensive pre settlement and post settlement funding at the best rates.

  • Only repay the cash advance if you win your case
  • Quick online application
  • 24-hour approval
  • No employment verification
  • No credit checks
  • No monthly fees
  • Funds available overnight
  • Lowest rates in the industry

Common Pre Settlement Funding Cases

LawStreet Capital issues lawsuit advance funding for many types of cases such as:

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Defective products
  • Construction injuries
  • Pharmaceutical cases
  • Vehicle and motorcycle accidents
  • Negligence
  • Maritime
  • Wrongful death
  • Birth injuries
  • Railroad or train accidents

Apply for LSC Pre Settlement Funding

LawStreet Capital features a fast, risk-free application for your lawsuit cash advance. There are no hidden fees to worry about and we offer a free quote with no obligation. After you complete the online application, we’ll contact your attorney and give you a decision within 24 hours. The amount of your cash advance and payment schedule is determined by the strength of your case. Cash will be overnighted to you, or we can deliver the funds via electronic bank transfer.

We understand that pre settlement lawsuit funding isn’t for everybody, but if you feel our services could benefit you, please complete the information in the upper right screen or call LawStreet Capital toll free at 800-345-8500 and one of our representatives will help you through the application process to get it approved quickly.