Litigation Funding

Litigation funding is a pre settlement cash advance provided to plaintiffs who are waiting to resolve their legal matter. The interim period can be a difficult one for an individual who is struggling under the financial strain of an injury or serious medical condition. While the medical bills continue to mount, money from a lawsuit settlement can take months or even years to make its way into your account. This problem may be aggravated by an inability to work and bring home your regular paycheck due to injuries suffered. Lawsuit funding can make the waiting period easier, by providing the necessary money to pay the bills until a settlement is determined.

Litigation Funding Types

LawStreet Capital offers several types of  plaintiff funding to help individuals in all kind of legal battles receive money while their cases are still pending. Some of the more common types include:

  • Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding:  Personal injury lawsuit funding is sometimes the most straightforward type of cash advance, because these cases often settle quickly and cost less than other types of lawsuits. Personal injury cases involve physical injury as the result of an accident or other incident that is the fault of another person. In these types of cases, money that is advanced is only due if the personal injury lawsuit is won.
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation/ Dangerous Drug Lawsuits:  When a person is injured after taking a prescribed drug, pharmaceutical litigation against the drug company is standard. This type of litigation might involve product liability, if the plaintiff can prove he was unaware of the risks associated with a medication at the time he took it. These cases are typically filed by hundreds, even thousands, of plaintiffs.  As a result they are often consolidated into “mass torts” or “multidistrict litigation” in an effort to speed up the litigation process. Plaintiff funding in dangerous drug lawsuits can help tide victims over as these claims make their way through court.
  • Defective Medical Device Lawsuit Funding:  The FDA is also responsible for ensuring the safety of medical devices, such as hip replacements and heart valves. If these devices prove defective, the injured patient may have legal recourse. However, as the wait for a settlement goes on, legal funding may afford plaintiffs some interim relief.
  • Commercial Pre Settlement Funding:  Commercial claims include breach of contract disputes, anti-trust lawsuits, patent infringement, and others concerning businesses large and small.  Lawsuit advance funding can help your business stay afloat as parties resolve their issues.

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To apply for litigation funding today, contact LawStreet Capital at 800-345-8500. We can help you procure all types of   funding, from personal to commercial needs. We offer 24-hour approval and some of the most competitive interest rates and fees as compared with other legal funding companies. Let LawStreet help you meet your financial needs while you wait for the settlement you deserve!