Structured Settlements

Each year thousands of Americans resolve their legal matters with structured settlements. This option provides a steady flow of payments over time rather than one lump sum. If you’ve previously won a lawsuit and are getting your compensation through periodic payouts, but need that money now, LawStreet Capital can help.

While this arrangement is ideal for some, life has a way of presenting unexpected surprises and many people find they need larger sums of cash sooner rather than later. Whether it’s to reduce existing debt, cover a down payment on a house, pay for college tuition, or start a new business, LawStreet Capital (LSC) can give you what’s already yours, without the hassle of a bank loan.

LawStreet Capital is the industry’s leader in plaintiff funding. We are known for our competitive interest rates and easy, 24-hour approval process. And there’s no risk to you— unlike lawsuit advance funding, which can only predict the value of your ultimate settlement, post settlement funding is based on the amount you have already been awarded.

Cases that may qualify for structured settlements

Structured payments are offered for a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits, as well as cases involving product liability, wrongful death, negligence and premises liability, regardless of how much money is involved. Other types of cases that may qualify include:

  • Class Action lawsuits
  • Medical malpractice
  • Mass tort claims
  • Previously settled lawsuits

In recent years, the settlement option has also being used in other forms of personal damage cases such as wrongful termination, property loss, divorce, worker’s compensation, discrimination, sexual harassment and environmental harm.

Settlement cash advance: get what’s already yours, right now

If you have questions about lawsuit funding or want to sell your structured settlement to receive full value of your case now, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly representatives are ready to help.

By receiving a cash advance on your structured settlement annuities, LawStreet Capital simply gives you what’s already yours, without the risk of a high-interest bank loan. Please fill out your information to the right of your screen or call LawStreet Capital toll free at 800-345-8500 to get started today!