Lawsuit Settlement Funding

In many cases, plaintiffs who have won compensation in a lawsuit are awarded structured settlements, but it may not always practical to wait a lengthy period of time to receive the full award. If you have won a structured settlement in a liability, personal injury, malpractice or other type of lawsuit, you can get the cash you need now, by turning your future payments into one lump sum.

LawStreet Capital is the country’s leading provider of lawsuit settlement funding, offering lump sum payouts for structured settlements when you need it most. If you are currently receiving your settlement in the form of periodic checks, LawStreet Capital will purchase part or all of your payments, giving you one large sum – fast!

How lawsuit settlement funding can help

In many situations, people may feel trapped by their structured settlements, as low monthly payments make it challenging to make ends meet, or consider large expenditures like a down payment on a house, college tuition, major home repairs, or a new vehicle. Depending on your situation and monetary needs, selling a structured settlement may be the easiest way to improve your financial stability – and that is where LawStreet Capital can help.

How is pre settlement funding different from structured settlement funding?

Pre settlement funding is different from structuredsettlement funding. Cash advances known as pre settlement funding or lawsuit loans are made based on pending settlement awards. These are a type of non-recourse loan, which are not paid back if your case does not win any compensation.

If you have already settled your lawsuit and the award is paid out in installments over time, this is known as a structured settlement. The payment schedule is agreed to by both parties, but many people find they need more money in the short term for immediate needs.

Fast access to your money

With our fast and easy lawsuit settlement funding, you don’t have to wait for years to purchase a home, pay outstanding bills, or start a new business. LawStreet Capital can sell structured settlement payments and provide you one lump sum. Our hassle-free application, fast approval, and low interest rates can you one step closer to finding your financial freedom.

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and our experienced representatives are ready to help you find a plan that satisfies your specific needs. Remember that at LawStreet Capital, we offer no-risk terms and there are never any hidden fees. Please fill out your information to the right of your screen or call LawStreet Capital toll free at 800-345-8500 to get started today!