Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

LawStreet Capital is the country’s top provider of drug lawsuit funding for individuals involved in pharmaceutical litigation, allowing quick access to cash advances on pending settlements. At LawStreet Capital, we understand that compensation from a defective drug lawsuit can often be delayed because of the complex legal process. Victims of injury from dangerous drugs may already be experiencing financial distress, and in many instances, settlement payouts may take a long time to materialize, leaving you at risk for bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Risk-free lawsuit funding

Our pre settlement funding gives you instant access to cash with no risk at all, since this is a form of non-recourse loan. What does that mean? If you don’t collect on your drug lawsuit, there is no obligation, and the cash advance is not paid back. With no hidden costs and the industry’s lowest interest rates, plaintiff funding through LawStreet Capital is completely worry-free!

One of the best aspects of our dangerous drug lawsuit funding is there is no obligation to you. With our easy online application and 24-hour approval, you can have much-needed cash sent overnight, or transferred electronically to your bank. No waiting periods, no employment verification, and no up-front costs. We can help ease your financial burdens, allowing you the freedom to enjoy life again.

Plaintiff funding for dangerous drugs

Over the years, numerous medications that were prescribed to treat illness have been proven to be defective, poorly researched and incredibly dangerous, often exacerbating conditions or causing life-threatening side effects.

Despite medical studies and warnings that expose adverse side effects of many popular drugs, some pharmaceutical companies continue to sell their medications, even hiding information to get FDA approval. If you have been injured as a result of adverse side effects due to negligence, manufacturing defects, design flaws or failure to warn by a drug manufacturer, LawStreet Capital is here to give you financial support until you receive your cash award.

Dangerous drug lawsuit funding

Some of the more common drugs involved in pharmaceutical litigation include:

Pre settlement funding: Get the cash you deserve now

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