Legal Funding For Clients

In a successful practice you should be focused on the needs of your clients, rather than incoming cash flow. Even so, there are many times when your firm lacks sufficient resources to take on new cases, or when you have lost money after settling prematurely due to a client’s financial constraints. When clients settle for a fraction of what their claims are worth, only because they can’t afford to wait, this costs you both time and hard-earned capital you can ill afford to lose.

Don’t let monetary burdens undermine your practice – LawStreet Capital is here to help with legal funding for clients. We can provide the cash they need today, to pay their bills and support their loved ones, so you can work on securing a respectable settlement and building a thriving law firm.

A leader in attorney funding

We are a highly specialized lawsuit funding provider that has the capital to help grow your practice. As one of the nation’s top legal finance companies, LawStreet Capital provides attorney funding for immediate cash needs. We have been offering hassle-free litigation finance solutions to law firms for years and can approve a client’s case in as little as 24 hours, getting them the funds they need without a long wait. Our application is straightforward, and there are never any hidden fees. We’re a quick phone call away to getting the cash they need, often the very same day.

Legal funding for clients: fast, easy, and hassle-free

While other legal finance companies may take weeks to approve a settlement funding advance, LawStreet Capital makes it easy for you and your clients with fast approval, an easy application and the lowest rates in the industry. With our seamless lawsuit funding services, we let you focus on what really matters in your practice.

For questions about legal finance for clients, please call a LawStreet Capital representative today. We offer the attention, professional service and financial resources you need. Call us toll free at 800-345-8500.