Car Accident Cash Advance

Car Accident Cash AdvanceCar accidents can have severe long-term consequences for all involved. Serious injuries that require ongoing medical treatment and extended time off work can take a financial, physical and emotional toll on the victim and his or her family. A car accident cash advance can ease the financial burden, allowing the injured victim to focus on a full recovery.

Auto accident statistics

Injuries due to motor vehicle accidents increased between 2011 and 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. During 2012, more than 2.3 million people were injured in accidents involving motor vehicles. This year marked the first to see a significant increase in accident-related injuries since 1995.

The majority of those injury-causing accidents involved passenger cars. However, a significant number of injuries also occurred in accidents involving commercial trucks, buses and motorcycles. Non-occupant crash injuries involved both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Typical injuries in motor vehicle crashes

Thousands of car accident victims suffer serious injuries that can take months and even years to resolve. In the meantime, victims may not be able to work while they recover, due to debilitating pain or other disabilities that keep them from performing their job duties. The income may stop, but the medical bills and daily living expenses don’t, causing victims additional stress and anxiety that puts a damper on their recovery efforts.

Common injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Brain injuries and damage
  • Lacerations
  • Internal injuries
  • Bone fractures and knee injuries

LawStreet Capital offers car accident victims financial assistance that lets them stop worrying about paying the bills and focus on recovery. Car accident loans are provided based on the amount of settlement or jury award you are expected to receive. No credit checks are performed and the lawsuit cash advance is only paid back if you secure compensation in your case.

Immediate funds available

LawStreet Capital offers a fast, easy way to get auto accident lawsuit funding you need when you need it most. The application process can be completed in just a few minutes online, and funds can be in your bank account within 24 hours. And if you lose your case, you won’t owe a dime, since we assume all risk.

Lawstreet Capital offers car accident victims the following:

  • Cash for whiplash injuries
  • Money for herniated disc treatment
  • Loans for traumatic brain injuries
  • Cash advances for a slipped disc
  • Lawsuit loans for emergency care for internal injuries

With our risk-free cash advances, you can keep up with regular living expenses, such as rent, utilities and groceries. No one should have to suffer financially after a car accident, and our non-recourse loans can keep you financially afloat until compensation finally comes.

Car accident consequences not always immediate

After a car accident, it is important to seek medical assistance right away. Sometimes injuries are clearly evident, such as fractured bones or lacerations. However, other injuries, like back, neck and soft tissue injuries, may not appear right away. After a traumatic experience like a motor vehicle accident, the body produces an excess of endorphins that can mask painful injuries unseen to the naked eye. It may be days or even weeks before these injuries become problematic.

Unfortunately, those types of injuries are often the ones that require long-term medical care. In addition to treatment immediately following the accident, these injuries may need surgical intervention, physical and occupational therapy and pain management. The longer the medical care lasts, the more expensive it becomes.

Lengthy litigation creates financial burdens

Victims may pursue compensation from the party responsible for the accident to help pay for medical bills and lost wages. Even when the fault of an accident is relatively easy to determine, the process can drag on for many months, or even years. Insurance companies are not usually willing to make payouts right away, putting extra burdens on the victim.

In addition, fault is not a cut-and-dried issue in many cases. Defense attorneys may look for a way to attribute at least a portion of the fault to the victim, which can significantly decrease the amount of damages recovered. This process may take time for the court to sort out, leaving an accident victim hanging in the balance with no viable way to pay the bills.

How lawsuit funding works

Funding from LawStreet Capital is the easiest way to get the cash you need while waiting for a settlement or jury award on your case. The short application can be completed and submitted online. There is no credit check with lawsuit funding since your loan is based on the amount you are expected to receive from your case.

Once approved, funding can be directly wired into your account within 24 hours. The money can be used at your discretion, to pay medical bills, make mortgage payments or buy groceries. If you do not receive any type of compensation for your case, you do not have to pay a dime of your lawsuit funding back.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, help is available. Contact LawStreet Capital today to see if a car accident cash advance will benefit you. Our representatives are standing by to answer your questions at 1-866-FUND-662.