Actos Lawsuit Funding

Actos Lawsuit LoansActos, also known as pioglitazone, is one of the most popular diabetes medications in the United States. It’s also the subject of many lawsuits, as Actos has been linked to severe side effects, including bone fractures, heart failure, and bladder cancer. The risk of complications is even greater among patients who take the drug for more than one year, but considering that Actos is prescribed for long-term maintenance of type II diabetes, many patients are at risk.

If you are one of the unlucky consumers to be injured by Actos and have filed a lawsuit for damages, you may qualify for Actos lawsuit funding. Legal funding can help finance your lawsuit or pay the bills – whatever you need until you settle or win your case. With LawStreet Capital, you don’t have to jump through hoops or make monthly payments; just take your funds and pay us back if and only if you win your case.

Possible complications from Actos

Research has linked several severe health risks to the use of Actos:

  • Limb Fractures: In 2007, the FDA also warned the medical community that Actos could cause an increased risk of bone fractures in the feet, hands and arms. This risk is particularly high in women who take Actos. Three years later, a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that postmenopausal women suffering limb fracture were 70% more likely to be taking a TZD drug.
  • Heart Failure: Actos first received FDA approval in 1999; by 2005, scientific research had linked the drug to increased risk of heart failure. In 2007, the FDA ordered manufacturer Takedo Pharmaceuticals to add a black-box label – that’s the FDA’s most serious warning – to all pioglitazone hydrochloride medications, including Actos. The black-box label stated that Actos may cause or worsen existing heart failure, especially in patients with certain risk factors. The updated side effects label also warned of water retention and edema, which are risk factors for heart failure. Macular edema can also cause blindness.
  • Bladder Cancer: Like heart disease, bladder cancer is a life-threatening side effect of Actos. In 2010, the FDA announced that it was investigating the link between Actos in bladder cancer; by June 2011, the federal agency released a new warning linking the diabetes medication to bladder cancer. Specifically, the FDA stated that patients taking high dosages of Actos, or those who had taken the medication for more than a year, had a 40% higher chance of developing bladder cancer.

Actos lawsuit funding

If you have been injured by Actos and have joined the legions of victims filing dangerous drug lawsuits, you may qualify for legal funding. Actos lawsuit funding has many purposes, from financing your case – expert testimony, studies, and other costs can really add up – to helping you live your life without losing your home or filing for bankruptcy. Funding is particularly helpful in dangerous drug lawsuits, as cases against large pharmaceutical companies can take months or even years to arrive at a jury verdict or out-of-court settlement.

Choosing a legal funding company

There are many legal funding companies out there, but only LawStreet Capital can offer the best services at the lowest cost. As a direct lender, we can offer you the lowest interest rates in the United States – and we don’t have to sacrifice our offerings to do so. Even better, Actos lawsuit funding isn’t a loan, but actually a type of cash advance. That means we don’t require employment verification or a credit check, and you’ll never have to make monthly payments. Once we approve your cash advance (typically in 24 hours), we’ll overnight it to you to use it however you please. You’ll only pay us back when you settle your case or win by jury verdict. Call today, toll-free at 800-345-8500.