Stryker Hip Lawsuit Funding

Defective Medical Device LawsuitStryker Orthopedics faces increasing litigation for injuries related to its prosthetic hip replacements, as many of the metal components have been linked to premature loosening, infection, bone loss, tissue death, metal poisoning, and device failure. Following warnings by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a rising number of lawsuits filed by injured patients, Stryker issued recalls on two components of the Trident hip system back in 2008: the Acetabular PSL Cup and the Hemispherical Cups.

More recently, the company announced a recall on the Rejuvenate system and ABG II modular-neck stems. According to the Stryker hip recall, which was issued on July 4, 2012, the metal-on-metal components were prone to fretting and corrosion at the neck junction that could lead to tissue necrosis and other serious complications.

To date, hundreds of plaintiffs have filed claims against the hip manufacturer in hopes of recovering compensation for their pain and suffering, but defective medical device lawsuits often drag out for months or even years. If you find yourself in this situation and need cash right away, Lawstreet Capital can help with Stryker hip lawsuit funding.

Pre settlement lawsuit loans for Stryker plaintiffs

In light of the hip implant recalls and widespread reports of complications, hundreds of product liability cases have been filed against Stryker in the past few years. Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer had prior knowledge of potential defects in their products, yet failed to take measures that could have prevented permanent injuries. If you have a pending case against Stryker and are having difficulties making ends meet, a lawsuit cash advance can help you get through these challenging times as you wait for your claim to resolve.

With Stryker hip lawsuit funding, you can use the cash advance any way you please: to help your attorneys secure expert witnesses, or simply pay off outstanding bills. This form of plaintiff funding is known as a “non-recourse loan,” which means that if you don’t win or settle your Stryker hip lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back the cash advance. At LawStreet Capital, we understand the financial and emotional hardships that come with extended litigation, and our pre settlement lawsuit loans are intended to help you bridge this gap until your case finalizes in court.

Complications cited in Stryker hip lawsuits

The FDA has logged thousands of reports detailing hip problems involving both the Trident and Rejuvenate hip systems. Plaintiffs may be eligible for Stryker hip lawsuit funding cash advances to help cover medical expenses related to the following injuries:

  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Bone fractures
  • Bone loss
  • Reduced mobility
  • Tissue damage
  • Metal poisoning
  • Device failure
  • Need for revision surgery

The Stryker Rejuvenate implant has been linked to metallosis, a potentially life-threatening heavy metal blood poisoning that is attributed to toxic metal debris that leeches into the tissue from the chromium and cobalt components. This metal poisoning can lead to other, more serious health problems such as DNA changes, the formation of pseudo-tumors and dissolution to the bone.

Do I qualify for Stryker hip lawsuit funding?

If you are currently involved in litigation against Stryker Corporation for a defective medical device or failed hip implant, you may qualify for plaintiff funding. LawStreet Capital can provide cash advances from $500 up to $500,000 on your pending Stryker hip lawsuit if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your lawyer works on a contingency basis and is only paid if you win or settle your claim.
  • Your Stryker hip implant injury can be proven in court.
  • The defendant or their insurance company can pay a potential settlement.
  • Your lawyer consents to a pre settlement lawsuit loan for your Stryker hip case and agrees to reimburse LawStreet Capital from your court award or settlement.

Apply for pre settlement lawsuit loans today

If you are awaiting resolution on your defective medical device lawsuit involving the Rejuvenate or Trident implants, but need financial assistance today, please contact LawStreet Capital to explore your options for Stryker hip lawsuit funding. Don’t let daily expenses continue to pile up, or get too far behind on your bills, as you may put yourself at risk for bankruptcy or foreclosure. With our lawsuit cash advances, you don’t have to rely on high-interest credit cards or bank loans anymore. And the best part is our lawsuit loans are completely hassle free. We assume all the risks, as your Stryker lawsuit cash advance is provided solely on the merits of your case.

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