Selling a Structured Settlement

If you’re receiving regular structured settlement payments, but find yourself in need of cash, you may wonder about your options. Is there a way to get more of your money now, rather than waiting?

LawStreet Capital has the answer. You can sell structured settlement earnings today and receive a lump sum that will cover your financial emergency. Called “structured settlement funding,” this option can help you gain access to part or all of your settlement money now, when you need it.

What is a structured settlement?

If you were involved in a lawsuit and your case was successful, you may have received a structured settlement, which is a payment plan that spreads your settlement earnings over a period of several years. You may also have received one from an insurance company because of an accident in which you were victimized.

Why sell my structured settlement payment?

For many people, a structured settlement arrangement works satisfactorily. Sometimes, however, unexpected expenses may come up, and you may require immediate access to your settlement funds. Examples of such situations include:

  • Purchase of a new home
  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Unexpected health care costs
  • Money for college
  • Loss of a job or income earning potential
  • Down payment on a new vehicle
  • The need to pay off a credit card
  • Family emergency

In these situations, you may find yourself suddenly needing more immediate cash than your settlement funds provide. What do you do then?

Sell structured settlement, get funds now

The money is yours. That means you can cash out structured settlement payments for a lump sum that you can receive right now, to cover your financial needs. If you’re facing foreclosure, repossession, or a serious illness, structured settlement funding can be a welcome alternative to taking out a loan or suffering financial hardship.

LawStreet Capital offers clients the option of taking a lump sum or partial payment payouts. That means you can sell either all or part of your settlement, depending on how much money you need. We have the lowest rates in the industry, and will give you all the details at no cost to you. In addition, there is no credit check and no employment verification involved in the process. All you have to do is put in a free application, and we can take it from there. There is no risk!

Settlement loans aren’t really loans

You may be wondering if there are interest fees or payments involved. Absolutely not. That’s because structured settlement loans aren’t really loans at all. The money is yours to begin with, so you aren’t borrowing it from anyone.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses. All up-front costs and legal fees are paid directly by the funding source. When you are approved, we can overnight your check or transfer funds electronically into your account.

Apply to sell structured settlement funds today

If you’re facing an immediate financial emergency, are suffering financial hardships, or simply want to invest your settlement funds on your own, you owe it to yourself to consider the advantages of a structured settlement buyout. When you fill out the application, you can provide yourself and your family with peace of mind.

It’s your future. Let us help. Fill out the free online application or call toll-free 800-345-8500.