Structured Settlement Funding

Structured settlement funding may provide some relief to individuals receiving periodic payments pursuant to a settled legal matter.  Funding allows those receiving small payments over time to receive their entire settlement amount at once.  And with LawStreet Capital, the industry’s top structured settlement company, you will no longer have to wait to receive what is already yours.

What is structured settlement funding?

If you already won a lawsuit and are receiving regular, periodic payments over time, you have agreed to a structured settlement arrangement. Unfortunately, structured payments don’t always come when you need them: when the bills are due, after a big medical expense, or in similar situations. That is where structured settlement companies come in.  When you apply to sell structured settlement funds, you may be able to receive the amounts owed to you in one lump sum.

This type of lawsuit funding removes those long, drawn-out installments and gets you money today. In fact, it’s not a loan at all, but rather a type of cash advance. Known as a non-recourse loan, you won’t need to prove your income or put up collateral. Instead, we buy a part or all of your settlement and pay you, often within 24 hours of approval.

Why should I apply for a structured settlement loan?

The answer here is simple: why pay exorbitant interest on credit card cash advances or beg the bank to lend you money when you already have plenty of funds to your name? You’ve already done the hard work of fighting and settling your case – the only stumbling block are the drawn-out payments.

Structured settlement funding puts the cash in your hands, today. You won’t have to worry about writing a check to the credit card company, and you won’t become an indentured servant to your bank. With structured settlement payments, your money is yours. You won’t owe anybody a cent.

Cash for structured settlement payments: fast payouts, low interest rates

At LawStreet Capital, we understand that you need your money quickly but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it. That’s why we’re proud to offer the absolute lowest interest rates in the industry – you won’t find a structured settlement loan interest cheaper, anywhere! Even better, our application is simple to fill out, and our 24-hour approval process is fast and easy. Once we’ve approved your lawsuit loan, we’ll get your money to you overnight. Now how’s that for convenient?

Unlike other consumer financial services, there’s no hard sell here. This is not a “limited time offer.” Take your time. Think about your needs and whether a structured settlement loan will help solve your financial concerns. LawStreet Capital is here when you need us. When you’re ready, simply start your application on this page (to the right of your screen) or call us toll-free at 800-345-8500. Your application is free and there are no up-front costs.