How Lawsuit Funding Works

Shay Morrigan | December 10th, 2012

If you’re involved in a civil lawsuit, such as a personal injury case or a workman’s compensation claim, you may be facing months or even years of litigation. Depending on your injury, the facts, and the liable party, the case may take longer than you were hoping it would.

Lawsuit funding is like a cash advance that can help you manage personal, legal, and medical expenses while you wait for a settlement or a verdict. The funding can be very helpful to you and your family, and may enable you hold out for the full amount of the settlement you deserve.

What is lawsuit funding?

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance provided to you in anticipation of your future lawsuit settlement or jury award. A legal funding company, like LawStreet Capital, agrees to finance some or all of your expenses, while you agree to pay them a fee for this service (this is usually an agreed percentage of the proceeds from your case). You don’t have to pay the fee outright, however. The lawsuit settlement funding company will subtract this amount from the settlement or award that you receive when you win or settle your case.

What if I lose my case?

If you lose your case, you owe nothing. The lawsuit funding company assumes the risk of the transaction, so they advance you the funds realizing that they may be losing that money.

What if I win my case?

When you win your case or negotiate an agreed-upon settlement, the lawsuit funding company will subtract both the funds they gave you in advance, plus their fee, from your settlement earnings. Whatever is leftover will go to you.

How long does it take to receive lawsuit settlement funding?

While you wait for your attorneys to fight and win your case, you may be facing an increase in expenses, such as those for operations or medications and therapy. You may also be unable to return to work right away because of your injury, so you may be facing additional mortgage payments and other bills. This is when lawsuit funding can come in really handy.

The process for obtaining lawsuit settlement funding is relatively simple. Start by completing the online application. Lawsuit funding companies specialize in legal financial services, and so have worked to streamline the process to be as easy and as hassle-free as possible. In most cases you can receive your cash advance within one day after your application has been approved.

What happens after I apply for lawsuit funding?

Once you submit your application to LawStreet Capital, we review the facts of your lawsuit, and may contact your attorney for a brief interview. This helps us to gauge the risk involved in advancing money in your case, as our legal experts can estimate the odds of you winning your lawsuit.

Once we agree to supply your lawsuit cash advance, we will draw up a contract, which you can then review with your attorney. After you sign the contract, we will issue the funds to you within 24 hours.

Apply for lawsuit funding today

At LawStreet Capital, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of lawsuit advance funding and structured settlement funding for those in need of immediate help. With the assistance of LawStreet Capital, you can reduce financial pressures and work with your attorney to ensure you receive a fair settlement or award.

We offer a free, no-hassle application, and never perform credit checks. There is no risk, so apply today. Call toll-free 800-345-8500.