Is Attorney Case Financing Right for Your Law Firm?

Staff Writer | February 7th, 2020

Law firms often require money for expenses, but the money can be coming from settlements and verdicts that can take a long time to get resolved. Keeping your business thriving or expanding can be difficult as a result.

You may need money to pay your attorneys, associates, and investigators. Meanwhile, whether you work on contingency or retainer, your cash flow doesn’t always keep pace with expenses.

Is there a solution? There certainly can be. It’s attorney funding, which is also called lawyer funding or law firm loans. Attorney funding can provide the capital to keep your firm robust today so that you are positioned to take on more clients tomorrow.

Attorney Funding: What Is It?

Attorney funding is the overall term for funding that is variously known as lawyer loans, law firm loans, lawsuit financing, case funding, and lines of credit. The term “loan,” though, is something of a misnomer. All these financing methods or more like a cash advance than a standard bank or other loan. They all utilize your future success as leverage to get funding for the present.

As lawyers know, there can be significant costs in litigation, especially if you are in the process of complicated discovery or pretrial procedures that can take years to complete – before a trial is even scheduled, and setting aside the possibility of appeal.

That’s where litigation funding comes in. If you need cash now, litigation funding is a method of obtaining it. The net result? You can build the strongest legal arguments possible, enhancing your case with scientific studies, expert testimony, and eyewitnesses to heighten your chances of a successful outcome. Expenses are necessary; litigation funding can simplify your access to them.

The Process: Let LawStreet Capital Help

LawStreet Capital understands that sufficient funds are crucial to a successful outcome in your cases. We understand that you may need funding to develop a case in the most robust way – and that you may face exorbitant fees from traditional loans.

Litigation funding with us is different. We offer the lowest interest rates nationwide for attorney funding. If you do the research, you’ll find that law firm loans don’t come with interest rates more reasonable than ours, anywhere in the legal sector.

Plus, LawStreet Capital’s application for attorney funding is simple. It’s also fast. You can be approved within 24 hours. Once your request receives approval, your funds can be sent to you overnight.

Think through the advantages legal funding could provide your practice. Think about how the relief of financial pressure could help you pursue your cases and grow your business. This isn’t a hard-sell, limited-time offer.

We’ll be ready when you are.

If you’re ready now, start filling out the application here. You can also apply by calling LawStreet Capital toll free. Your application is always free of charge and there will be no upfront costs.