Lawsuit Funding for Plaintiffs and Attorneys

Alexander Popovich | January 4th, 2013

LawStreet Capital is the nation’s top provider of lawsuit funding solutions to help both plaintiffs and attorneys stay solvent during difficult financial times. Whether you’re waiting for your pending court case to resolve, need cash from your structured settlement today, or want to grow your law firm practice, consider the advantages of the following lawsuit funding options.

Pre settlement loans – cash for your pending lawsuit

At LawStreet Capital, we know that successful litigation can take time, and lots of it. If your court case is taking longer than you anticipated to resolve and you’re in danger of foreclosure or bankruptcy, or just need cash to put food on the table, a pre settlement loan can help.

Pre settlement loans are a form of cash advance against the future award or settlement from your pending claim. This form of lawsuit funding allows you to borrow money completely risk-free, since you only repay the balance if you win or settle your case. Don’t get pressured into settling your lawsuit prematurely just because you can’t afford to wait any longer. With pre settlement loans, you can take care of today’s bills and let your attorney pursue the maximum damages in your case.

Structured settlement funding: lump-sum payment for your periodic installments

You’ve already won or settled your court case and have agreed to a series of periodic payments over time, but your structured settlement didn’t take into account life’s unexpected twists. Whether it’s a huge medical bill, a down payment on a home, college tuition, or some other large expense – structured settlement funding gives you your entire settlement amount at once, in one lump sum.

Forget those long, drawn-out installments and get your hard-won cash today. And unlike a traditional loan, with this type of legal funding you won’t need to put up collateral or go through credit checks. The money is already yours; you just get it when you need it most. LawStreet Capital will buy a part or all of your structured settlement, and can do this within 24 hours of approval.

Attorney funding – a cash influx to grow your practice

A thriving law firm should be focused on its clients, not cash flow. Don’t let a shortage of capital compromise your practice – with attorney funding, you have the ability to cover general expenses, secure expert witness testimony, expand your portfolio, and finance trial costs while waiting for cases to resolve.

While it’s frequently called a loan, attorney funding is actually a cash advance – banking on your future success to leverage today’s efforts. LawStreet Capital specializes in law firm lending, and we feature an array of finance options to meet the needs of each client.

Apply for lawsuit funding today

At LawStreet Capital, we offer fast approval – usually within 24 hours, and the industry’s lowest interest rates. For questions about legal funding for plaintiffs or attorneys, please contact one of our helpful representatives today. There are no hidden fees and no obligation to accept, even if we approve your application. Call us toll-free at 800-345-8500.