Use Our Money While Waiting for Yours

Shay Morrigan | January 14th, 2013

Settlement FundingIf you have been injured—either because of a car accident, medical negligence, or because of someone’s carelessness at work or in a place of business— you may have to wait months or even years before you get the compensation you deserve. Lawsuits can move slowly in court, yet the world doesn’t stop in the meantime. You may still have a mortgage to pay, medical and therapy expenses, and daily bills, to say nothing of lost wages if you are unable to work.

If you are the attorney for a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you may also suffer cash-flow crunches during and after litigation. Case costs, case disbursements, and settlement delays can put a strain on your cash at hand, and may get you thinking about taking a loan.

Why get yourself into more debt when you don’t have to? LawStreet Capital offers attorney funding and lawsuit settlement funding to help get you over the hump without getting you deeper into debt.

Lawsuit funding companies offer cash advances

Lawsuit funding companies like LawStreet Capital can give you a cash advance on your future settlement or jury award, enabling you to hold out for a fair amount. We can also advance you the money you are owed after your case is completed, so you can use it right away to pay bills rather than having to wait months to receive it.

Why not make use of our money to tie you over?

  • We have the lowest rates in the industry
  • We require no credit check or background check
  • Legal funding is considered “non-recourse” funding—if you don’t win your case, you owe nothing
  • All your information is kept confidential
  • You don’t have to make monthly payments
  • You can use the money without having to risk your credit rating or dig into your savings

Attorney funding can help you focus on your clients

Many attorneys and law firms deal with numerous cases at once, which can tie up a lot of cash. As you wait for the cases to resolve, your firm may come under financial strain. You may find yourself looking for ways to cut costs that may potentially hinder your case outcomes in the future.

Attorney funding helps you go about your work without the worry. We can make your case costs and case disbursements work for you, so you can hire experts freely without worrying about the impact on your bottom line.

Lawyer funding and lawsuit settlement funding available

Whether you are a plaintiff waiting on a jury award or settlement, a plaintiff waiting to be paid a settlement due, or an attorney handling numerous cases with a strain on cash flow, LawStreet Capital can help. Attorney funding and lawsuit settlement funding gets you the cash you need when you need it, without requiring you to make monthly payments or dig deeper into your credit. The money is yours anyway—we just help you gain access to it more quickly.

There is no risk to you to apply, and we have one of the fastest turn-arounds in the industry. Call toll-free today at 800-345-8500.