Pre Settlement Funding Can Help You Hold Out Through Lengthy Litigation

Shay Morrigan | February 4th, 2013

Legal FundingIf you were injured in an automobile accident and the other driver was at fault, you may expect his or her insurance company to cover your personal injury claims. Insurance companies, however, have a reputation for employing delay tactics to avoid paying out claims for as long as possible. They are in the business to make profits, and holding onto their cash allows them to invest it and earn more money.

A California woman found this out the hard way when her personal injury case went unresolved for four years after the date of the accident. The defendants and their insurance company continued to dispute liability, despite a number of facts revealing the other driver’s guilt. Fortunately, the plaintiff was able to hold out, allowing her lawyer to put pressure on the defendants until they eventually admitted liability one week into the trial. The jury awarded the woman over $20 million dollars for the injuries and damages.

If you’re going through a personal injury lawsuit, you may not be as fortunate as this plaintiff was. If you don’t have substantial savings or investments, you may find that your financial resources run short long before your case is resolved. Fortunately, you have options. Pre settlement funding from a legal funding company like LawStreet Capital can help tie you over while you wait, giving you the power to fight for a fair settlement or jury award.

When personal injury lawsuit funding may be an option

The plaintiff in this California case was returning from a business trip when she was hit by an 18,000-pound tractor-trailer. The other driver ignored a red light, impacting the driver’s side and slamming the car into a pole. The plaintiff had two witnesses who testified that the plaintiff had the green light, but the defendants insisted the plaintiff was at fault for the accident. Meanwhile, the plaintiff’s lawyers presented more and more facts against the defendant, including that the defendant driver had been hired and fired twice in the past by the defendant. One of these firings was brought on by the driver having caused a preventable accident.

The driver had been fired from other trucking industry jobs in the past, in many cases because of safety violations. He also had a history of trying to cover up traffic accidents. Still, the case dragged on, and the plaintiff had to wait out all the various proceedings before receiving justice. If she hadn’t had funds of her own to tie her over, pre settlement funding may have been an option for her.

Legal funding provides money at no risk

If you are awaiting the outcome of your trial and you can’t work because of the injury from the accident, you may have bills piling up with no way to pay them. Some plaintiffs feel their only option is to take out a consumer loan, but these can come with high interest rates and can destroy your credit rating down the road.

Legal funding, on the other hand, is like a cash advance on your future lawsuit settlement or jury award. The funding company takes the risk, so if you don’t eventually win your case, you owe nothing. Personal injury lawsuit funding also has nothing to do with your credit rating—legal funding companies simply go over the facts of your case to determine their level of risk in advancing you money.

Pre settlement funding easy to apply for

Legal funding—also called pre settlement funding, in anticipation of you receiving a substantial settlement from your case—can serve as your harbor in the storm of litigation. You and your family may be experiencing more and more stress as your financial pressures mount. A cash advance from LawStreet Capital can help take that stress off your shoulders, and allow you to focus on healing and on presenting the strongest case you possibly can.

The application is easy to fill out, and we require no credit check. If you’re being tossed about because of delay tactics used by defendants and insurance companies, you can regain a feeling of confidence through personal injury lawsuit funding. Call our helpful representatives today toll-free at 800-345-8500.