South Dakota Nurse Waits 5 Years for Multi-Million Dollar Verdict

Shay Morrigan | March 12th, 2013

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit FundingSouth Dakota nurse Linda Gross recently won $3.35 million in damages for her vaginal mesh lawsuit, plus $7.76 million in punitive damages. The case didn’t go to trial until January 2013, though Gross filed her claim in 2008. That means she waited five years for the verdict—and has yet to receive any money.

Ethicon and parent company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) have promised they will appeal both decisions, stating that they acted appropriately regarding the research, development, and marketing of the Gynecare Prolift mesh that allegedly caused Gross severe injuries. It’s unclear at this point how long the appeals will take. Even if the court agrees with the current verdicts, Gross may have to wait for up to a year or more before she receives the money she’s owed.

It’s not uncommon for cases like these where plaintiffs bring claims against large medical device companies to take a significant amount of time to resolve. Individuals who are involved in such litigation may benefit from vaginal mesh lawsuit funding, which offers no-risk pre-settlement loans for plaintiffs facing financial hardship after filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Thousands of women claim injuries from vaginal mesh

Linda Gross is one of thousands of women who have brought a personal injury lawsuit against mesh manufacturers like Ethicon, C.R. Bard, American Medical Systems. Boston Scientific, and Coloplast. All of these manufacturers make mesh products that are used to repair pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a condition in which a woman’s pelvic muscles are no longer able to support organs like the bladder, bowel, and uterus.

In 2011, the FDA warned that transvaginal mesh implant surgery with these devices could result in complications like erosion, extrusion, bleeding, infections, severe pelvic pain, and urinary problems. Meanwhile, thousands of women have filed personal injury lawsuits, stating that the manufacturers failed to warn about these serious risks.

Pre-settlement loans for plaintiffs

Because so many women are claiming injuries related to vaginal mesh, litigation has mushroomed in many courts around the nation. Federal lawsuits have been consolidated in the Southern District of West Virginia, while state cases have also been centralized in New Jersey.

Centralization helps increase efficiency of pre-trial processes, and reduces the risk of inconsistent rulings and duplicative deposition. It also typically reflects a large number of cases, however, and therefore is likely to lengthen the litigation process.

Plaintiffs deserve justice in these types of cases, but may sometimes come up against unforeseen financial obligations that make waiting for long periods of time more difficult. Pre-settlement loans for plaintiffs provide them with the cash they need to make it through lengthy court processes so they can see their cases through to fair resolution.

What is vaginal mesh lawsuit funding?

Vaginal mesh lawsuit funding is similar to a cash advance on a future jury award or settlement. Lawsuit funding companies like LawStreet Capital examine your case, talk to your lawyer, and make their best guess as to the outcome of your claim. If they feel you are likely to win, they will advance you a sum of money based on that judgment.

This is money you are free to use to pay for medical expenses, therapies, prescriptions, and even daily bills that may have gotten out of hand since your injury. Linda Gross, for example, had to go through 18 corrective surgeries after her injuries with vaginal mesh, and had to stop working. In cases like hers, finances can add up quickly, and injured plaintiffs are often ill equipped to bring in more money to keep up.

Plaintiff funding allows you to hold out for a fair resolution of your case. Because Linda Gross was able to wait for the legal process to play out, she is now looking at potentially receiving millions for her pain and suffering.

How to apply for plaintiff funding

If you or a loved one is involved in the litigation against manufacturers of vaginal mesh, you may qualify for vaginal mesh lawsuit funding. Call LawStreet Capital today for more information. The application is simple, there is no credit check, and if you lose your case, you owe nothing. Call toll-free 800-345-8500.