Women Awaiting Yaz Settlements May Benefit from Plaintiff Funding

Shay Morrigan | March 26th, 2013

Yaz Lawsuit Funding Bayer AG, maker of Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills, faces over 10,000 lawsuits filed by women who claim that the oral contraceptives caused them serious injuries. All federal cases have been consolidated into the Southern District of Illinois, where since 2011, the parties have been in settlement negotiations.

According to a recent revenue report released by the company, Bayer has already settled about 4,800 claims, totaling more than $1 billion. The company continues to work toward additional agreements, and has set aside $1.5 billion to cover the estimated future costs.

Meanwhile, plaintiffs who have been involved in litigation continue to wait to receive the funds they need to pay off medical bills. Though thousands of cases have settled, thousands more are still pending in court. Some women have not yet filed a claim, perhaps because they were concerned about costs. No matter the situation, Yaz lawsuit funding can help injured women to manage their finances while awaiting the settlements they deserve.

Bayer sets aside funds for future Yaz litigation

On October 1, 2009, the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) ordered that all federal Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits be transferred to the Southern District of Illinois for coordinated litigation. Placing all pending federal lawsuits in one court helps to increase efficiency of pre-trial proceedings, while reducing the risk for inconsistent rulings and duplicative testimony.

The first bellwether trial was scheduled to begin in 2011, but under the direction of Judge Herndon, the parties went into mediation instead, with the goal of resolving as many lawsuits as possible out of court. Since then, Bayer has agreed to thousands of Yaz lawsuit settlements.

In 2012, Bayer reported that it had set aside $1.5 billion in funds to cover litigation expenses. That same year, in April, the FDA ordered that all birth control pills containing the newer progestin “drospirenone,” including Yaz and Yasmin, carry updated warnings about potential injuries related to blood clots.

Benefits of pre-settlement loans for plaintiffs

Women who are still involved in litigation may benefit from pre-settlement loans for plaintiffs. Since it is clear that Bayer continues to negotiate settlements in Yaz lawsuits that involve blood-clot related injuries, plaintiffs who are awaiting the resolution of their cases may be able to obtain cash advances on their future settlement earnings.

Yaz lawsuit funding can help women cope with the financial repercussions of their injuries, as well as the other costs that can mount up during recovery. Though Bayer has set aside money for future settlements, it can still take considerable time for plaintiffs to receive actual funds. Plaintiff funding can help women hold out for a fair settlement, while making day-to-day life easier during critical healing times.

How to apply for Yaz lawsuit funding

If you have recently filed a Yaz lawsuit against Bayer, are awaiting a settlement, or have yet to file your case, you may qualify for a pre-settlement loan. At LawStreet Capital, we require no credit check and you will not be required to make monthly payments. Once you are approved, the money will be forwarded to your account, and you simply pay it back when you receive your settlement from Bayer.  To learn more about our plaintiff funding solutions, call toll-free 800-345-8500.