Mirena Lawsuit Funding: Pre Settlement Cash Advance

Shay Morrigan | April 1st, 2013

Mirena Lawsuit FundingIn 2000, the FDA granted approval to the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) for use as birth control. A small, plastic T-shaped device, it is inserted into the uterus by a medical professional, and it functions by gradually releasing hormones to prevent pregnancy.

Manufacturer Bayer advertised the Mirena IUD as being a more convenient option for busy women who didn’t want to take a pill every day. Post-marketing reports, however, indicated that many women who were using the Mirena were suffering from serious side effects. Women began to file lawsuits, and soon Bayer was facing a number of cases in several states around the nation.

Litigation of this nature, however, tends to take time. While women wait for what they hope will be fair compensation for their suffering, they may run into difficult financial situations. Mirena lawsuit funding can provide a pre settlement cash advance, helping a plaintiff to hold out for a fair award.

Mirena lawsuit funding offered to injured women

Women who seek Mirena lawsuit funding may have suffered a variety of complications from the IUD. These may include migration outside of the uterus and into other nearby organs. In August 2011, physicians reported about these types of cases in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. The device has been known to move into the abdominal wall, pelvis, bladder, or bowels, where it can cause pain, infection, and intestinal damage. Surgery is usually required to correct the problem.

Other potential injuries and complications include abscesses, infections, perforation of the uterus, bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, intrauterine pregnancy, and infertility. These are serious medical conditions that require substantial medical care, prescription drugs, time off work, and significant recovery periods. Women who are trying to heal may be unable to work or to meet their financial obligations. Legal loans can help remove the burden of financial worries and allow women to focus on getting better.

Legal loans can help women weather waiting periods

In January 2013, plaintiffs petitioned the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) to consolidate all federal Mirena lawsuits into one court. This would create a Mirena MDL, which would increase efficiency for all parties involved, and would reduce the risk of inconsistent rulings.

Despite its advantages, multidistrict litigation tends to involve large numbers of lawsuits, which means they may take longer to resolve than plaintiffs would like. Legal loans, which are more like pre settlement cash advances, can provide women the funds they need to take care of medical expenses and any costs associated with litigation with no risk.

Unlike bank loans, Mirena lawsuit funding is given based on the potential of the case to resolve with a favorable jury verdict or settlement. If a legal loan company believes the case is strong and will likely result in a positive outcome for the plaintiff, they will advance the money expected to be won in the case. When the plaintiff wins, she simply pays back the money. If she doesn’t win, she owes nothing.

How to apply for a pre-settlement cash advance

If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of using the Mirena IUD, contact LawStreet Capital to learn more about our legal funding options. The application is simple to fill out, and we do not perform a credit check. The process is hassle free, and when you are approved for Mirena lawsuit funding, we’ll transfer the money to your checking account or overnight the cash via express mail. There is no risk to you. Call today at 800-345-8500.