Takeda Jury Verdict Overturned by Judge

Staff Writer | May 7th, 2013

Actos Lawsuit Cash AdvanceA $6.5 million verdict against Takeda Pharmaceutical, makers of controversial diabetes drug Actos, has been thrown out by a judge, after the company convinced the court that there was a lack of evidence to show the plaintiff’s cancer was caused by the drug.

The jury verdict initially ruled that Takeda had failed to adequately warn consumers about the risks associated with Actos. After eight days of deliberation, the jury awarded compensatory damages to the plaintiff in a California state court. In addition to compensatory damages, a jury award of $1.5 million was given to the plaintiff’s wife for loss of consortium claims.

Just days later, Judge Kenneth Freeman overturned the ruling, saying the plaintiff’s attorneys had not made a convincing case for a link between their client’s bladder cancer and his use of Actos.

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The case was the first of more than 3,000 Actos lawsuits to go to trial. Plaintiffs allege that using Actos for more than a year carries an increased risk of bladder cancer, and accuse Takeda of concealing that risk from the public and the medical community.

Cases still pending may not be heard until 2014, and plaintiffs involved may seek an Actos lawsuit cash advance to help them bridge the gap between filing suit and reaching a trial or other resolution of their case.

According to the Judge’s 27-page ruling, the overturned verdict was due to the plaintiff’s doctor’s testimony being found to be “inherently unreliably.” The general counsel for Takeda’s American operations, Kenneth Greisman, said: “We agree with the court’s finding that Mr. Cooper’s allegations were not supported by the evidence.”

One of the plaintiff’s lawyers said they intend to appeal the ruling, stating that the court “misinterpreted the law,” adding that the law team handling the case expected the decision to be reversed.

Some Actos lawsuits consolidated

In recent years, allegations have emerged, claiming that using the drug for more than a year leads to an increased risk of bladder cancer. Takeda lost patent protection for Actos in 2012, and the company faces state and federal litigation across the country. More than 1,200 lawsuits have been consolidated in a federal court in Louisiana, with the first federal case set to be heard in January 2014.

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