Botched Da Vinci Robot Surgeries Impact Intuitive Surgical Stocks, Spark Litigation

Alexander Popovich | July 18th, 2013

da vinci robot surgery lawsuit fundingIntuitive Surgical –manufacturer and marketer of the da Vinci surgical robot – reported flagging sales of its high-tech system, with quarter earnings down nearly $15 million compared to last year. Rising concerns over the safety and efficacy of its flagship product, along with a growing number of da Vinci surgical robot lawsuits, have made a substantial dent in the company’s stocks. According to recent reports, Intuitive’s stocks have dropped 18 percent, hitting a low of $407 million.

Litigation involving da Vinci surgical robot injuries

Allegations of inadequate surgical training and design defects with the robotic system are at the heart of litigation throughout the country. Utilized in more than 400,000 surgeries this past year, the da Vinci surgical robot has been blamed for a host of horrific injuries, ranging from surgical burns and torn blood vessels to punctured organs. Since its launch in 2000, the FDA has received 245 adverse event reports citing severe da Vinci-related injuries, and several wrongful death lawsuits have been brought against the manufacturer.

Those who have suffered catastrophic injuries or lost a loved one following robotic surgery and have a strong case against the manufacturer may be discouraged by the lengthy litigation process. Before verdicts are handed down or settlements are reached, plaintiffs may be waiting many months and sometimes years.

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DaVinci surgery robot recall

This past May, Intuitive Surgical sent a warning to health care professionals concerning problems with the robot’s cauterizing scissors. The notice spotlighted safety concerns with micro-cracks in the shears, potentially causing burns and thermal injury to internal organs. In July, the FDA issued a Class II recall on at least 30 da Vinci components that were not compliant with safety standards. Intuitive now faces at least two dozen claims involving da Vinci robot injuries and wrongful deaths.

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