Lipitor Plaintiffs May Require Product Liability Lawsuit Funding

Staff Writer | August 23rd, 2013

Product Liability Lawsuit FundingA federal judicial panel recently denied a request to centralize all pending Lipitor lawsuits into Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), citing the limited number of cases that allege a link between Lipitor and Type 2 Diabetes. Now faced with a potentially prolonged litigation process, some Lipitor plaintiffs may now be considering product liability lawsuit funding to help them keep afloat financially until they reach a settlement or jury award in their case.

An MDL consolidates lawsuits making similar claims against a shared defendant, and generally benefits plaintiffs and defendants alike by streamlining pre-trial procedures and making judicial activity more focused and efficient. Regardless of whether or not it is joined to an MDL, a products liability lawsuit or similar negligence action can last anywhere from six months to six years.

Lipitor plaintiffs now face a potentially long wait for settlement or jury award proceeds. For some plaintiffs, a Lipitor lawsuit loan may be the answer to short-term financial problems.

Allegations in Lipitor lawsuits

Lipitor and other statins (cholesterol-reducing drugs) are linked to serious side effects. In 2001, Bayer voluntarily recalled Baycol after that statin was linked to fifty-two deaths. Perhaps even more disturbingly, it was later revealed that Bayer may have known about and covered up Baycol’s dangerous side-effects. Similarly, Pfizer’s drug Lipitor has been linked to serious side effects: a 2012 study at the University of Massachusetts concluded that middle-aged women who ingested Lipitor were 50% more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Although no two lawsuits are alike, and rules vary among different jurisdictions, common allegations in the Lipitor lawsuits include:

  • Negligence: Many Lipitor lawsuits claim that Pfizer breached its duty of care to patients by selling a dangerous drug, and that this breach caused their injuries.
  • Strict Liability: To win a strict liability case, the plaintiff must prove that the nature of the defendant’s activity created a duty to make the product absolutely safe. Strict liability lawsuits are common in dangerous drug cases, faulty medical device cases and similar actions.
  • Breach of Warranty: A manufacturer can be held liable for damages if it breaches an express warranty, the implied warranty of fitness and/or the implied warranty of merchantability.

How a Lipitor lawsuit loan helps plaintiffs

For those Lipitor plaintiffs who now may have to wait a significantly longer time for their settlement, a Lipitor lawsuit loan from LawStreet Capital offers a number of advantages:

  • There are no credit checks, employment verifications or similar roadblocks.
  • There is no risk; you only repay the cash advance if you win.
  • Online application and 24-hour approval.
  • Funds are in your bank account the next business day.
  • LawStreet Capital is a lender and not a broker, which helps give you the lowest possible cash advance rate.

Product liability lawsuit funding can help you pay medical bills, make mortgage payments, or take advantage of financial opportunities while you wait for your case to reach resolution. When faced with prolonged litigation, some plaintiffs may feel the necessity of settling their case for less than they deserve. With a Lipitor lawsuit loan, you have the financial security to hold out for the compensation you deserve.

The pros and cons of MDL litigation

The United States Judicial Panel for Multidistrict Litigation has broad discretion to create MDLs. While products liability attorneys are sometimes able to choose where to bring a lawsuit, and can look for more favorable case precedents and more sympathetic potential jurors, MDL litigation occurs in only one courtroom in only one jurisdiction.

Apply for product liability lawsuit funding

A Lipitor lawsuit loan from LawStreet Capital can provide capital that eliminates financial pressure to settle your case too early and for less than full value. Call 1.800.345.8500 today to have money in your account tomorrow.