Car Accident Lawsuit Funding Helps Rear-End Accident Victims

Whitney Taylor | November 4th, 2013

Car Accident Lawsuit Funding - Rear End Collision Rear end collisions can cause serious, ongoing injuries involving the neck and spinal cord. Even accidents involving vehicles that collide at slower speeds can result in significant injury, even if the damage to the vehicles is relatively minor. The good news is that victims of these accidents can usually prove fault for the collisions fairly easily in a rear end collision lawsuit. The bad news is that even when liability is clear, settlement of cases can take many months – or even years – to resolve.

While an accident victim is waiting for a case to be settled, medical bills may continue to mount. The accident victim may not be able to return to work right away, resulting in lost wages. These circumstances can lead to a financial hardship, even as the victim is trying to recover from his or her injuries. In some cases, the financial pinch may pressure victims to settle claims fast in order to get the bills paid. Unfortunately, fast settlements rarely provide the victim with the full amount of compensation they are entitled to, which is why some turn to car accident lawsuit funding during the potentially long waiting period.

Injuries in a rear-end collision

There are a number of injuries that can occur in a rear-end collision. The most common is whiplash, an injury that happens when the head moves suddenly backward and then forward again. This unexpected motion may cause damage to the muscles and ligaments in the neck. While some cases of whiplash heal well within a matter of weeks, others take a much longer time and require additional medical treatment to heal completely.

Victims of rear-end collisions might also suffer injuries to the brain and spinal cord. Concussions occur when the brain experiences a sudden jolt that causes it to move inside the skull. This injury may impact memory, balance and judgment, as well as persistent headaches and confusion. Spinal cord injuries can be the most serious of all, resulting in pain, loss of sensation and even loss of some bodily functions.

Causes of rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are nearly always the fault of the driver of the vehicle in the rear of the crash. The accident may be due to driver distraction, following too closely, or speeding. In some cases, more than two cars are involved in a rear-end collision. In these situations, it is likely that the car in the back of the line is liable for the accident, including property damage and injuries that result.

There are rare circumstances when the driver in the front of the collision could be at fault. If the vehicle has non-functioning tail lights, the driver could be held liable for at least a portion of the accident. That driver might also be liable if his vehicle was obstructing the flow of traffic in some way. In those situations, the driver at the front of the crash might still be eligible for reduced amount of damages.

The need for car accident lawsuit funding

Because it is common for the driver in the front vehicle to be considered the victim in a rear end collision, it is often relatively simple to obtain car accident lawsuit funding in these cases. Legal funding is similar to cash advance against the damages you are expected to receive from the driver who is held liable for the accident. It allows accident victims to get the money they need early in the legal process to pay for medical bills and other expenses while they wait for their case to be settled.

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