DePuy Hip Settlement Funding May Provide Relief

Staff Writer | November 18th, 2013

DePuy Hip Settlement FundingJohnson & Johnson has reportedly reached a settlement deal to pay out an estimated $4 billion to resolve lawsuits arising from their recalled ASR hip implants. Because it is likely to take time for plaintiffs to get their money, DePuy hip settlement funding may provide financial relief to plaintiffs, some of whom have been waiting years to receive compensation for defective hip joints sold by DePuy, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary.

Plaintiffs may be eager for DePuy hip settlement funding

DePuy ASR hip implants were first sold in the U.S. by Johnson & Johnson in 2005.  Unfortunately, internal documents from Johnson & Johnson show that 37 percent of the hip implant products fail after just 4.6 years.  Australian data indicates that the failure rate over the course of seven years may be as high as 44 percent.

Many of these first patients who underwent hip replacement surgeries with DePuy products have thus already had their hip implants fail. A 2010 recall of the defective medical products did not help these patients, many of whom experienced significant pain and who were forced to undergo costly revision surgeries. The discomfort and limited mobility associated with the defective metal-on-metal hip implants may have also prevented some patients from being able to hold down a job, which is especially difficult to deal with at a time when families are incurring significant medical expenses.

Now, Johnson & Johnson is said to have reached a $4 billion deal to settle the hip replacement lawsuits. While this settlement decision likely provides great relief for families who have been left with mounting medical bills or limited income, it will take time for families who have settled their cases to obtain the money from the Johnson & Johnson settlement but DePuy hip settlement funding may be available from LawStreet Capital. Families may already be struggling with bills for surgeries they have already had to pay, and may not have time to wait for Johnson & Johnson to pay what has been promised.

DePuy ASR hip settlement loan advantages

While the $4 billion settlement will resolve more than 7,500 lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, there are about 12,000 pending lawsuits and there may be many patients who have not yet filed claims but who will do so once they are forced to have a revision surgery to correct a botched hip replacement.

Those plaintiffs who are not a part of this settlement will need to wait for their own cases to be resolved in court or for an offer from Johnson & Johnson to provide them with compensation too. These plaintiffs, like those who are part of this settlement but who are waiting for their money, may be coping with serious financial hardship.

Fortunately, because the existing settlement is a generous one for plaintiffs and pays an average of $300,000 or more for each revision surgery made necessary by the defective hip implant products, securing a DePuy ASR hip settlement loan should not be difficult for those whose claims are pending or for individuals who are part of this recent settlement.

LawStreet Capital is a direct lender that makes it possible for families who are waiting for settlements to get the funds they need.  By applying to get the settlement money today instead of waiting for Johnson & Johnson to pay or waiting for your case to move to court, you can secure cash when you need it most. Getting paid sooner will make it possible to get regular testing to monitor for signs of the breakdown of your hip implant. You can also pay for the cost of revision surgery, if needed, or provide for your family if your defective hip implant has made work impossible.

Call 1.866.FUND.662 today to get started on your application for a DePuy ASR hip settlement loan. And, since these are non-recourse loans, there is never any risk to you, as we advance the funds based on the anticipated settlement or jury award amount in your case. Contact us today to learn more!