Advantages of a Fosamax Settlement Loan

Whitney Taylor | December 16th, 2013

Fosamax settlement fundingMerck, the manufacturer of the osteoporosis drug Fosamax, recently announced plans to pay $27.7 million to settle lawsuits currently pending in federal court. The company’s decision could help those who have been waiting years to see the legal process come to a finish.

For some who have been in limbo since their cases were coordinated in 2005, Fosamax settlement funding may be the way to cover bills until money from the settlement actually arrives.

Settlement could impact hundreds of plaintiffs

The large settlement could resolve around 800 lawsuits currently underway in multidistrict litigation in New York, as well as more complaints filed in state courts across the country. Merck’s settlement proposal, which must be approved by a judge to move forward, could provide settlements for approximately 1,200 plaintiffs. However, it requires 100% participation from those plaintiffs and evidence that the plaintiffs involved satisfy eligibility requirements.

The plaintiffs involved in this potential settlement agreement all allege use of the osteoporosis treatment led to a serious injury, including osteonecrosis of the jaw. This condition is characterized by bone damage in the jaw that may result in severe pain and loosening teeth. Treatment of osteonecrosis of the jaw might include antibiotic therapy, surgery and appliances to cover and protect the bone.

Osteonecrosis side effects can be costly

Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a serious and painful condition that often requires coordinated treatment between a physician, dentist and oral surgeon. Treatment can be costly and ongoing, creating a financial strain for those diagnosed with the condition. Plaintiffs who have been waiting for the conclusion of legal action may find themselves unsure of how to pay the bills while the long legal process continues. Some may turn to a Fosamax settlement loan to ease the financial pinch until the settlement comes or their cases are decided in court.

While announcement of a potential settlement is good news to plaintiffs, the money may still be a long way off. Even if a settlement moves forward, money may not be given in a lump sum to help plaintiffs catch up financially during this difficult time. Other plaintiffs may find the settlement pool does not provide sufficient compensation for their injuries. However, financial stress may make it necessary to agree to the lower amount, simply to get their bills paid.

Help through Fosamax settlement funding

For these plaintiffs, Fosamax settlement funding can be a way to ease the financial strain during this lengthy legal process. LawStreet Capital understands the financial stress that often accompanies the lengthy litigation.  We offer non-recourse lawsuit funding to help plaintiffs pay bills until their cases are settled or they receive a positive jury verdict.

Whether you are waiting to see if the Fosamax litigation comes to an end or you are in the midst of the legal process against another defendant, LawStreet Capital is here to help. Contact one of our customer service representatives today for a confidential chat and to begin the application process. The application is free and no money is due unless you win your case or receive a settlement. We are available anytime at 1.866.FUND. 622.