Granuflo Multidistrict Litigation May Face Delays

Staff Writer | December 31st, 2013

Fresenius Heart Attack Lawsuit FundingOn December 16, a joint motion was filed by plaintiffs and defendants involved in the ongoing Granuflo multidistrict litigation.  Because the joint motion requested a delay, many plaintiffs who are waiting for relief from the court are now interested in Fresenius heart attack lawsuit funding information.

Granuflo and Naturalyte were both manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care and administered in dialysis clinics worldwide.  The medications are acid concentrates used to balance pH levels in dialysis patients. However, both Granuflo and Naturalyte contain an ingredient called sodium acetate. Sodium acetate converts into bicarbonate at higher-than-expected levels. Excess bicarbonate could cause a potential heart attack or other cardiac problems. Many patients taking Granuflo or Naturalyte experienced a cardiac event, while others lost family members to a fatal heart attack.

Patients who experienced these problems are likely facing serious financial struggles, especially if they incurred high medical bills and if they can no longer work due to their heart problems.  Fresenius should pay for the cost of damages if the company is found liable. For plaintiffs awaiting resolution on their cases, Granuflo lawsuit loans could provide the answer.

Fresenius heart attack lawsuit funding

When many claims are brought against product manufacturers like Fresenius, the claims are generally consolidated into a multi-district litigation. Each plaintiff retains his or her own case, but there is one judge presiding over all claims and making decisions that can affect all cases. Representative cases are usually chosen among the many claims that are consolidated into an MDL and those cases go to trial first so the plaintiffs and defendants will get a better idea of how their arguments and evidence will be received by a jury.

The cases that serve as test cases for plaintiffs and defendants are called “bellwether” cases and both the plaintiff and the defendant have the chance to select a limited number of claims that they would like to see move forward in bellwether trials.  This December, however, both plaintiffs and defendants in the Fresenius dialysis litigation asked for more time to provide proposals to the judge for a case management order related to bellwether trials.

A delay in the bellwether cases is going to mean that a longer period of time passes before those claims are resolved. It also means that many other plaintiffs who are hoping for compensation will need to wait much longer for settlement talks or for their own cases to move forward.  Lawsuit funding could provide these plaintiffs with a cash advance to help them get through until their claims are resolved.

Granuflo lawsuit  loans provide a no-risk solution

Lawsuit loans provide an advance on a settlement or jury verdict that you are likely to receive. Funding is available to cover plaintiffs during settlement talks and during a pending lawsuit.  You can apply for a loan with no fee, and approval is based solely on your case information on not on your credit score or employment status.  Money is advanced to you after approval and you will pay it back plus interest (at a very low rate) when you win your case or receive settlement funds. If you do not win your case, you don’t have to pay back the borrowed funds.

These loans are an important form of protection for plaintiffs not only because they can make it possible to have money to live on while waiting for a case to resolve but also because plaintiffs could otherwise be forced to agree to a low settlement out of financial desperation. Lawsuit funding  gives plaintiffs the money they need until their case is resolved, allowing litigants to hold out longer and ensure they get full and fair compensation or their losses. Call LawStreet Capital today, toll-free at 1.866.FUND.662 to learn more about our risk free legal funding services.