Risperdal Settlement Funding Aids Claimants in Limbo with J&J Litigation

Whitney Taylor | December 9th, 2013

Risperdal Settlement FundingThe legal battle continues between Johnson & Johnson and plaintiffs injured by the company’s drug, Risperdal. Despite promises of a $2.2 billion settlement, plaintiffs had to take the pharmaceutical giant to court again to force them to make good on their deal.

While claimants continue to wait out the legal process, some may turn to Risperdal settlement funding to pay bills and cover daily expenses until compensation is paid.

Risperdal settlement one of the largest in history

On November 4, 2013, Johnson & Johnson agreed to the terms of a settlement that involved 77 plaintiffs with lawsuits currently pending against the company. The terms of the agreement were predicted to cost the company in excess of $2.2 billion – one of the largest pharmaceutical settlements in history. The settlement was in response to allegations that Johnson & Johnson had marketed their anti-psychotic drug Risperdal to children and seniors, despite the fact the drug had not been adequately studied in these populations.

Shortly after agreeing to the settlement, Johnson & Johnson attempted to change the terms of the accord. The company claimed after the fact that the agreement should extend to the resolution of claims against co-defendants Elsevier, Inc. and Excerpta Medica, Inc. Johnson & Johnson threatened to pull out of the settlement agreement completely if these demands were not met.

The plaintiffs responded to Johnson & Johnson’s demands by filing a Motion to Enforce Settlement on November 5, 2013. In the motion, the plaintiffs point out that numerous status conferences had been held, which addressed the cases pending against Exerpta Medica and Elsevier. At no time during those conferences did representatives from Johnson & Johnson ever voice concern over claims against the two co-defendants.

In the meantime, plaintiffs continue to face ongoing expenses of their injuries. With a settlement still appearing to be a ways off, some may turn to a Risperdal post-settlement loan to cover the bills until the money finally arrives.

About Risperdal

Risperdal was originally approved by the FDA for treatment of schizophrenia in adults. However, the drug has been used for a number of off-label purposes, including to treat a variety of behavior disorders in children. The drug has also been prescribed to seniors, even though studies to determine the safety of this drug in older and younger populations has been scant at best.

One of the most concerning Risperdal side effects has been gynecomastia, or breast growth, in boys and young men who have used the drug. Many have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, claiming the company did not provide adequate warning about that side effect. In addition, the company actively marketed Risperdal to the population that was most vulnerable to this reaction.

Now, those who have been injured by Risperdal are faced with medical treatment costs, lost wages and other expenses. While some have taken their case to court, the litigation process has been incredibly slow.  For those feeling the economic pinch of the legal process, Risperdal settlement funding may be an option to relieve the financial stress until the settlement finally comes to fruition.

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