Biomet Hip Bellwether Trials Expected to Begin June 2015

Laura Woods | January 6th, 2014

hip replacement pre settlement fundingThe first of five bellwether trials for the ongoing Biomet hip federal multidistrict litigation, currently pending in the Northern District of Indiana, is expected to begin in June 2015.

Approximately 900 product liability lawsuits are currently pending under MDL 2391. The cases were consolidated to avoid duplicate discovery, prevent conflicting rulings, and to convenience all parties.

All of the plaintiffs bring similar allegations against the defendant, regarding the defective and dangerous design of the Biomet metal-on-metal hip implants.

U.S. District Judge Robert L. Miller, issued a scheduling order on December 10 describing the discovery and trial selection process that will end with a select group of cases going to trial June, August, October, and December 2015. A fifth case is expected to head to trial in January 2016.

Judge Miller has asked attorneys for both the plaintiffs and defense to each choose three cases, for a total pool of six representative bellwether cases that will be prepared for early trial dates. The selection of these six cases will be made by February 7, 2014 and core discovery in these cases will be finalized by April 18, 2014. The five cases that will be prepared for the first trial dates are expected to be selected by July 2014.

Many plaintiffs have filed hip replacement lawsuits against a number of manufacturers in courts across the country. Product liability litigation regarding other metal-on-metal hip replacements, including the DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, and Wright Conserve hip is currently ongoing.

Hip replacement pre settlement funding

If a resolution is not made following the bellwether trials, hundreds of individual cases could be returned to U.S. District Courts across the nation for individual trials. This could force plaintiffs to wait years for a ruling to be reached in their case.

Many plaintiffs have used up all of their personal funding and cannot spare to spend any additional funding on this litigation, even if the ruling is likely to be in their favor. A Biomet hip lawsuit loan can provide plaintiffs with the money they need ─ and are entitled to have ─ to live off of until they receive funds from a settlement or jury award.

Benefits of a Biomet hip lawsuit loan

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