St. Jude Riata Lawsuit Funding Helping Plaintiffs Stay Solvent

Steve Cid | January 27th, 2014

St. Jude Riata Lawsuit Funding Five product liability lawsuits against the manufacturer of the St. Jude Riata defibrillator leads have been cleared to go forward by a federal judge in the Central District of California. U.S. District Judge James V. Selna rejected the manufacturer’s argument that they shouldn’t be responsible for  injuries because the St.  Jude leads were FDA approved.

The leads are the subject of a growing number of claims against St. Jude Medical, the manufacturer. However, essential expenses –mortgage, rent, medical, surgical, and other incidental expenses–  continue to mount for those injured while the lawsuits make their way through the legal system. For plaintiffs and attorneys, LawStreet Capital provides valuable St. Jude Riata lawsuit funding.

St. Jude Riata legal loans allow plaintiffs to cover their expenses while waiting for settlements or jury awards to be paid. For an attorney, it means a way to manage cash flow. If you’re ready to apply for pre settlement lawsuit funding, you’ll find our customer representatives standing by with answers to your questions.

St. Jude Riata leads are recalled by FDA

The Riata leads are small wires which connect an implanted cardiac defibrillator to the heart. The problems arose from reports that the insulation protecting the wires was failing, exposing the wires to the body and causing electrical shocks or defibrillator failure.

The Riata lead manufacturer issued a warning in 2011 to doctors about reported insulation problems. The FDA ordered a recall, and the product was taken off the market in 2011.

There are 229,000 individuals worldwide implanted with the St. Jude leads. In the U.S., there are an estimated 79,000 people implanted. A recent study published in the medical journal, Heart and Rhythm, suggested that 11% of all implanted leads will fail after five years, amounting to over 8,000 lead failures in the U.S. alone.

Amid those concerns, the FDA issued a safety communication in 2012 recommending that anyone with implanted leads should undergo X-ray or alternate imaging to monitor the condition of the leads. Unfortunately, revision surgery needed to remove defective implanted leads also carries risk.

Lawsuit funding helps plaintiffs pay bills

Are St. Jude Riata legal loans really loans? The answer is no. LawStreet Capital provides non-recourse funding to help you cover your expenses now. Non-recourse funding, unlike a traditional loan, means that no money needs to be paid back if you lose your case or a settlement isn’t negotiated.

You can also sell your structured settlement. If you’ve already started to receive your settlement or jury award in structured payments, you may need a larger or quicker payout. LawStreet Capital provides options for cashing in all or part of your structured settlement so you can get your money now.

If you’re a plaintiff or attorney who’d like to explore St. Jude Riata lawsuit funding, call LawStreet Capital today for a free and confidential chat with one of our customer representatives who can begin your application process. Call anytime, toll-free at 1.866.FUND.662.