Lipitor Lawsuit Funding Now Available

Staff Writer | February 24th, 2014

Lipitor Lawsuit Funding - Pre Settlement Cash Advances Now AvailableWith the recent consolidation of Lipitor product liability lawsuits, many plaintiffs may be encouraged that their cases will eventually conclude with a favorable outcome. But when can they realistically expect to receive monetary damages? For those Lipitor plaintiffs who find themselves in dire financial straits, a pre settlement cash advance from respected legal funding company LawStreet Capital may be the solution they are looking for.

The unfortunate reality of any lawsuit against big Pharma is that the payout may come months or years after lawsuit is initially filed. Plaintiffs needing to bridge the financial gap between filing a lawsuit and receiving damages may choose to take advantage of LawStreet Capital’s “non recourse” settlement funding. “Non recourse” simply means that if there is no award or settlement, the recipient of the cash advance is not obligated to repay the funds.

Lipitor lawsuits consolidated into MDL

On February 18, 2014, the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) approved the Lipitor lawsuits for multidistrict litigation, which may encourage Pfizer to enter into settlement negotiations. Multidistrict litigation (MDL) is formed so that all of the lawsuits are presided over by one federal court Judge for pretrial procedures such as settlement orders. The JPML decides whether or not there are enough lawsuits to justify the MDL and what District Judge will preside over the cases. The Lipitor lawsuits will be presided over by Judge Richard M. Gergel of the District of South Carolina.

The plaintiffs and their attorneys are hopeful that the recent transfer to MDL will encourage Pfizer to enter into settlement negotiations.

Pros and cons of Lipitor lawsuit funding

Plaintiffs in Lipitor lawsuits are seeking substantial damages for serious life-changing conditions caused by the popular cholesterol drug. Some face not only increased medical expenses, but also the prospect of not being able to work. Out of desperation, some plaintiffs may consider settling their cases prematurely for less money than they deserve.

A pre settlement loan from LawStreet Capital can help you hold out for maximum compensation, However, legal funding is not necessarily right for everyone. Her are some of the pros and cons:


  • The legal machine works slowly. Many lawsuits can go on for several years before plaintiffs see any relief. Since a pre settlement cash advance is a “non recourse” loan, the money does not need to be paid back, ever. The lender assumes all of the risk.
  • A person in the midst of a lawsuit may have accumulating medical bills, may be unable to work, or may simply be struggling financially. A pre settlement loan can take the pressure off, and give the person time to adjust without worrying about money.
  • If a person does find herself in financial straights, she may decide to settle for much less than she deserves. With a Lipitor pre settlement cash advance, a plaintiff can hold out for what she believes is appropriate and justified.
  • Some people elect to seek loans for investment purposes. Getting compensation in advance allows them to use the money, rather than just waiting for a settlement or a verdict.


  • Pre settlement financing can be expensive. Since it is a “non recourse” loan, it is a risk to the loaning institution. To offset losses, they may charge high rates.
  • Although lenders usually only lend a small percentage of the predicted compensation, utilizing pre settlement cash advances may deplete your award; especially if the lawsuit remains unsettled for years.
  • A good rule to follow is if you do not need the money, do not borrow it.

Pre settlement funding may be an option

If you are a plaintiff in a Lipitor personal injury lawsuit, or are considering filing such a suit, a pre settlement cash advance may be the lifeline you need to keep your head above water. We would love to hear from you to discuss if a pre settlement loan is a good option for your situation. 1-866-FUND-662.