Attorney Funding Benefits: Get Immediate Working Capital

Alexander Popovich | March 21st, 2014

Attorney Funding – Benefits of Lawsuit Loans for LawyersLawyers who work on a contingency-fee basis know the challenges posed by restricted cash flow. This holds especially true for complex personal injury litigation against pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers, which have notoriously deep pockets. And those attempting to build a thriving practice realize that it often takes money to make money.

If you’re strapped for capital and have been considering attorney funding, LawStreet Capital offers many compelling reasons to take advantage of our lawsuit loans.

Attorney funding benefits

The industry has many names for this specific type of litigation funding for law firms. Whether you call it an attorney cash advance or lawsuit funding for lawyers, the basic principle boils down to leveraging tomorrow’s success for your immediate needs.

At LawStreet Capital, we understand that your legal fees from settlements and court verdicts come in on a sporadic basis, leaving you cash-poor at times. Our mission is to optimize your cash flow, so you can increase your case load, cover general expenses and grow your firm to its fullest potential.

Whether you avail yourself with a pre or post settlement loan from us, you can be sure our interest rates are the industry’s most competitive, helping you avoid the hassle and high costs of traditional lines of credit or bank loans.

Attorney funding opens doors that might have otherwise been closed due to monetary constraints.

Spend the cash advance however you wish, but these are some of the most notable uses:

  • Cover payroll and daily operating expenses
  • Maximize current case values by securing expert witnesses to increase your recovery
  • Expand your business through new support staff or advertising
  • Diversify your current portfolio with bigger cases
  • Hire experts to launch a social media campaign and brand your firm
  • Fund your current caseload by using the cash advance as working capital

One of the greatest advantages of lawsuit funding for lawyers is that you’ll avoid the headache and red-tape if you had to resort to a credit card or bank for your immediate financial needs. LawStreet Capital advances cash to attorneys based on the anticipated value of the current case load, meaning you don’t have to provide collateral, a high credit score, personal guarantees or equity from other partners.

Our staff can accurately determine the true value of your current portfolio and advance you the appropriate cash needed to give you an edge.

We are direct lenders and have the resources to extend attorney funding from as little as $10,000 to millions of dollars, putting cash in your account when you need it most. And because lawsuit funding for lawyers is 100% non-recourse, the cash advance is completely risk-free.

Need immediate working capital? Contact us today!

As the nation’s premier provider of attorney funding, we can tailor your financing terms to address your unique requirements, and once the application is approved, the cash should be in your hands within 24 hours.

Get money on your pending cases today. There’s no need to jeopardize your own personal finances to keep your practice afloat. For more information on the benefits of an attorney lawsuit loan, or to begin the free application process, call toll free at 1.866.386.2662.