GM Recall Lawsuit Loan Can Prove Invaluable for Victims and Families

Sarah May | March 31st, 2014

Auto Recall Settlement Funding - GM Recall Lawsuit Loan As problems continue to mount for General Motors in the wake of its recall of several million vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch, potential plaintiffs nationwide are giving serious consideration to filing lawsuits against the automaker. With an initial recall covering over 1.5 million cars and a recent expansion that included later model years, the potential pool of litigants shows no sign of shrinking.

Victims of defective GM products and their families may indeed have a strong chance of securing compensation for the harm they have suffered, but the process of litigating their claims is likely to be a lengthy one. Until their matters settle or are decided by juries, they must find a way to cope with mounting medical costs, lost wages and the everyday expenses of life. In such circumstances, auto recall settlement funding can prove invaluable.

When injuries occur as a result of a defectively designed or manufactured product, the financial toll can be immense. Medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, reductions in earning capacity and sadly, in some cases, funeral expenses all place a burden on families that can be difficult to bear. Financial urgency may even cause victims to settle for far less compensation than they may have received had they been able to allow the litigation process to unfold. Fortunately, a GM recall lawsuit loan can help ensure that victims of faulty ignition switches are never forced to make such a wrenching choice.

How auto recall settlement funding can help

A GM recall lawsuit loan from LawStreet Capital can give you the financial resources you need in order to carry on with life as you await final resolution through the legal process. Funding of this type is not unlike traditional cash advances, as they are based solely on your anticipated settlement or jury award. These advances are non-recourse in nature, and no payments are ever due on the advance unless and until you receive compensation in your case. Should the unexpected happen and you receive no financial recovery or award, you will not be required to repay funds already advanced to you.

The process of receiving auto recall settlement fundingĀ from LawStreet Capital is simple and straightforward. Once you complete a no-cost, no-obligation application, our team will get in touch with your attorney to learn more about your case. Funding decisions are made quickly, generally within 24 hours, and you will be able to determine the amount you wish to receive via wire transfer or traditional check.

GM recall lawsuits begin to take shape

With numerous investigations underway regarding what GM knew about the potential dangers posed by ignition switches on Saturn Ion and Chevy Cobalt vehicles, and a massive recall having been issued due to the alleged defects, it is not surprising that litigation is beginning to take shape on several different fronts. Suggestions have surfaced that the auto company knew as early as 2001 about problems with engines shutting off abruptly, even at highway speeds, due to a defective switch. Air bags in affected vehicles often failed to deploy in such circumstances, making serious injury and death more likely.

Several wrongful death lawsuits have been filed by victims of accidents allegedly caused by the defective parts. The car maker is also the target of a class action suit filed on behalf of owners of the recalled models, now claiming that their cars lost significant value as a result of the company’s acts and omissions. A shareholder suit has also been filed alleging multi billion dollar drops in stock value resulting from the “illegal and immoral” actions of the company. Despite the fact that GM could potentially claim that its 2009 bankruptcy shields it from liability for incidents stemming from the switch defects, it is widely believed that the company will indeed set aside a fund of roughly $3 billion to pay claims.

Auto recall settlement funding is available

There is no denying the fact that pursuing fair compensation through the legal system can be a long, arduous process with many twists and turns along the way. Securing the financial recovery you are owed can take far more time than you ever realized, and money can get tight in the interim.

For these reasons, it makes good sense to explore the option of auto recall settlement funding from LawStreet Capital. We make it easy for you to receive the funds you need to pay for medical expenses, rent, food and anything else you need to live a normal life while your quest for justice continues. Because the money does not need to be repaid if your lawsuit is not successful, you assume no risk whatsoever.

We offer a simple, quick online application process and funding decisions are made within 24 hours. You can receive advances via direct deposit to your bank account immediately or a check can be mailed to your residence. The burden of making ends meet while waiting for a legal settlement or verdict can be heavy, and that is why the peace of mind lawsuit funding provides is invaluable.

If you are struggling financially as you await the conclusion of your lawsuit, delay no further. Contact the LawStreet Capital funding team todayor begin our simple application process online.