Knee Replacement Lawsuit Funding – A Risk-Free Cash Advance

Whitney Taylor | March 24th, 2014

Knee Replacement Lawsuit Funding Knee replacement litigation is progressing around the country, but progress is slow at best. That is why many with pending claims against implant manufacturers may turn to knee replacement lawsuit funding to cover the bills until the legal process finally comes to a close. Lawsuit funding helps victims of knee implant injuries keep up with medical expenses and lost wages so they can concentrate on healing from their injuries while litigation continues to move forward.

Knee replacements are recommended to patients for the purpose of eliminating pain and improving mobility in aging, damaged joints. However, some patients find that side effects from their knee implant devices end up causing additional pain and the need for ongoing medical treatment. Some who have experienced serious injuries from defective knee implants have turned to the legal system to pursue compensation for their injuries and economic losses.

Knee replacement lawsuits pending nationwide

Currently, thousands of lawsuits against knee implant manufacturers like Zimmer Orthopedics are pending nationwide. Those who have filed product liability claims allege defects in the devices led to dislocation of the joint, fractures, persistent pain and reduced mobility. Some of those patients have required revision surgery that involves removing the faulty implant and replacing it with a new device. Because revision surgery is often performed in situations where bone or tissue damage has occurred, risks associated with revision surgery tend to be greater.

Patients that have suffered complications and the need for revision surgery often face exorbitant medical bills. Additional time off work for the second surgery and rehabilitation means additional wages lost, adding to the financial strain. While legal action may eventually provide compensation to these individuals, it can take many years for some of these cases to reach resolution.

For example, plaintiffs alleging injuries from Zimmer NexGen knee implants saw coordination of federal cases in August, 2011. More than 1,250 cases are currently pending in that multidistrict litigation. On March 10, 2014, the judge overseeing the MDL, Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, received a joint update from both plaintiffs and defendants in the cases. The update requested coordination with state cases pending in numerous state courts.

Legal process may take years to resolve

While the addition of this coordination could streamline additional cases currently pending, it may also serve to prolong the legal process overall. At this time, participants in the MDL are awaiting the scheduling of early trials, known as bellwether trials. These cases serve as a sort of litmus test, providing insight into how juries will respond to evidence and testimony in lawsuits to follow. In some cases, bellwether trials may be the catalyst to settlement negotiations between defendants and plaintiffs.

While progress in the multidistrict litigation is positive, plaintiffs with cases currently pending in the MDL still appear to be a long way from resolution. In the meantime, injured plaintiffs must continue to undergo medical treatment for their injuries and endure the financial strain that often accompanies medical problems. For those plaintiffs, a Zimmer knee settlement loan may help fill the gap until a positive jury verdict is awarded or a settlement is proposed.

Apply for knee replacement lawsuit funding

Knee replacement lawsuit funding from a reliable company like LawStreet Capital provides you with the cash you need as you wait out the lengthy legal process. These non-recourse loans function in a similar fashion to cash advances, based on the amount of jury award or settlement you are expected to receive. No payments are due until there is a resolution in your case. If you do not receive any type of legal compensation in your case, the cash advance never had to be paid back at all.

LawStreet Capital provides a fast, confidential application process online and approval within 24 hours. Funds can be deposited directly into your account right away or a check can be sent overnight once your loan is approved. That money can be used to pay medical bills, buy groceries or pay the rent until your case finally reaches a settlement or jury verdict.

If you are suffering financially because of a lengthy legal process, we can help. Contact our team at LawStreet Capital today at 866-386-3662 or visit us online to get the application process started.