Lawsuit Funding Provides Financial Solutions for Car Accident Victims

Jacky Gale | April 7th, 2014

Car Accident Lawsuit Funding – Financial Solutions for Crash Victims

For victims of car accidents, lawsuit funding may provide the solution to a range of problems that arise after the crash. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, you’ll likely find that your life has been abruptly thrown into disarray. You may have been seriously injured and you may have even required surgery. You’ll likely face exorbitant medical bills, therapy costs, and pharmaceutical expenses, in addition to the lost wages from time missed from work.

If you’re facing a lengthy recovery, you can expect significant loss of your earning capacity. In the meantime, it can be difficult if not downright impossible to provide for your family, continue to pay your bills on time, and avoid financial penalties such as foreclosure, eviction, or cut-off utility services. For many car accident plaintiffs, pre-settlement cash advances help stem the financial tide until compensation is received.

Alarming costs of car accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the costs of traffic accidents are so high that they totaled a loss in workplace productivity of $61 billion in 2000 alone. In that same year, the total cost of all motor vehicle crashes – including those involving pedestrians – was $230.6 billion. This is equivalent to 2.3 percent of the Gross Domestic Product for the U.S. and, if distributed evenly among U.S. citizens, it would equal about $820 for every living person.

These statistics are alarming; however, for innocent victims of car crashes, the real financial losses and non-economic costs hit all too close to home. Through no fault of your own, you’re facing dire financial consequences. And for many victims of car accidents, they must cope with ongoing battles long after the car accident in trying to obtain their just compensation from the insurance company and the negligent party. Although a personal injury lawyer can help you work toward a jury award or settlement, you likely need financial restitution now.

Lawsuit resolution may take months or years

You may have already contacted a personal injury lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. However, as your lawyer will likely warn you, a resolution can take months or even years. In the meantime, your medical bills, household bills, and day-to-day living expenses are piling up.

As the negligent parties drag their feet during the proceedings, you may be tempted to settle your case for less than the sum you deserve and need. Even after a resolution is reached, it can take months before you see any money. If the resolution was via a jury award, the defendants may decide to file appeal.

Car accident lawsuit funding offers a solution

For individuals who are having difficulties making ends meet while awaiting the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit, a cash advance in the form of lawsuit funding may provide the solution. Unlike a traditional loan from a bank or credit union, lawsuit loans are non-recourse. This means they do not need to be repaid in the event that you lose your case – so there’s never any risk to you.

You can use the money to pay for any of your expenses, including legal fees, medical bills, rent or mortgage payments, and day-to-day living expenses. Lawsuit funding is a lifesaver for many car accident victims, giving them the breathing room they need to focus on getting well again.

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