Testosterone Manufacturer Resists MDL Consolidation

Katarina Siegfeld | May 5th, 2014

testosterone lawsuit fundingBreaking with other pharmaceutical companies, the maker of one brand of testosterone replacement therapy has recently filed a response resisting the consolidation of all testosterone lawsuits, regardless of brand, into federal multidistrict litigation (MDL).

Over 70 lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of testosterone therapies charging that plaintiffs suffered heart attacks, strokes, and other heart problems as side effects of the products.  Plaintiffs are seeking to centralize the lawsuits in Illinois, where the first five lawsuits were filed, as part of an MDL.  They have also filed a motion to include all testosterone therapy replacement lawsuits in the MDL, though most of the lawsuits target the makers of AndroGel.

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has responded negatively to the motion, noting that only seven of the current testosterone lawsuits relate to their product, Testim, and that it would not be appropriate to lump them in to the larger MDL.  However, the makers of AndroGel and others have, in turn, filed their own response supporting the MDL, noting that many of the plaintiffs used multiple brands of testosterone therapy and thus providing a rationale for the MDL.

Ease of testosterone lawsuit funding

Such developments are likely to delay legal proceedings for some time, creating a problematic situation for those who have or would like to file a lawsuit but do not know how they will hold out for a protracted legal battle with insufficient capital.

Plaintiffs in the testosterone therapy lawsuits typically have many expenses, including extensive medical bills.  Many of the men in question have lost wages or are facing the next several years of their life with diminished earning potential.  In some cases, their widows or other family members will file wrongful death lawsuits, and will also be coping with hospital costs and an altered financial situation in their households.

It is often the case that lawsuits take a year or even two after they are filed to enter the courtroom at all.  Testosterone lawsuit funding can help these plaintiffs cover expenses until a settlement or jury verdict is reached.

Testosterone settlement cash advance

Plaintiffs who anticipate a lengthy wait before their cases go to trial might consider a pre-settlement loan, which is funding that allows them to stay afloat financially and keep up with their medical and other expenses prior to the settlement.  Although the term “loan” is used conventionally here, it is potentially misleading:  a pre-settlement loan is more like a testosterone settlement cash advance and, furthermore, does not have to be repaid if the case is not successful.

When a settlement is reached, there is also the possibility of a post-settlement loan, which provides funds before the settlement is actually dispersed.

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