More Transvaginal Mesh Settlements May Be Reached Soon

Jacky Gale | July 21st, 2014

Transvaginal Mesh Settlement Funding

Women from around the country have filed transvaginal mesh lawsuits against a handful of manufacturers. They demand compensation for serious injuries and for their medical expenses; unfortunately, the litigation process can take months, if not years. In the meantime, many plaintiffs may decide to take advantage of transvaginal mesh settlement funding.

Settlement funding is different from a traditional bank loan; it offers the unique advantage of being risk-free to the plaintiff. Settlement funding enables plaintiffs to turn tomorrow’s settlement checks into cash for today’s expenses. And when funding is obtained from an industry leader, plaintiffs can rest assured that they’re receiving the lowest possible rates without any hidden fees.

Manufacturer hints at additional settlement deals

Transvaginal mesh, which is manufactured out of polypropylene, is implanted in women for the purpose of treating pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and urinary incontinence. It provides support for the pelvic organs and pelvic muscles. However, transvaginal mesh has been associated with serious complications, including mesh erosion, organ perforation, and infection. Women have reported significant pain, nerve damage, vaginal scarring, vaginal shrinking, and painful intercourse. The FDA issued safety communications regarding these complications and the numerous adverse event reports it has received.

About 40,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits were centralized into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) proceeding in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, with additional lawsuits pending in state courts across the country. Some of these lawsuits have already been settled, which means the plaintiff agreed to accept an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for dropping the lawsuit.

One transvaginal mesh manufacturer, Covidien, released an announcement regarding a $180 million charge in the third quarter of 2014. The announcement was related to the cost of transvaginal mesh lawsuits. This development may indicate that the manufacturer may soon reach additional settlement agreements.

While this could be good news for many plaintiffs, others may have to wait for resolution of their cases via a jury award. A small group of early cases pending against C.R. Bard has already resulted in two settlement agreements and one $2 million jury award. However, many more plaintiffs are still awaiting their day in court.

Plaintiffs burdened with steep medical bills

Transvaginal mesh settlement funding could be ideal for some plaintiffs. Even if a lawsuit results in a settlement, plaintiffs must still wait months or even years before they see a check. Some settlement agreements involve structured payments, which means that plaintiffs receive small checks at predetermined intervals instead of one lump sum payment.

Structured settlements and delays in payment can make it difficult for plaintiffs to make ends meet. They’re often saddled with exorbitant medical expenses related to transvaginal mesh complications. Some plaintiffs may be unable to work because of the debilitating pain. For these plaintiffs, legal funding may provide the answer.

Transvaginal mesh settlement funding application

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