Actos Lawsuit Funding Offers Financial Relief as Litigation Moves Slowly

Whitney Taylor | August 25th, 2014

Actos Lawsuit LoanA status conference recently took place in federal coordinated proceedings involving plaintiffs who developed bladder cancer after taking the diabetes drug Actos. While litigation is proceeding, those currently waiting for their trials to go to court may find Actos lawsuit funding helpful for paying medical bills and other expenses until a settlement is negotiated or a jury award is determined.

The status conference was held on August 21, in accordance with an order issued by the judge presiding over the federal multidistrict litigation. Judge Rebecca F. Doherty, the judge assigned to the MDL, released an agenda for the status conference on August 18, outlining the issues requiring updates by both plaintiffs and defendants.

Currently, Judge Doherty is overseeing approximately 3,600 cases involving plaintiffs who were diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos. The plaintiffs in these cases have alleged the manufacturer of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, failed to provide proper warning about the risks associated with their drug. In 2011, the FDA released a safety communication warning consumers and healthcare providers that use of Actos for one year or longer could increase a patient’s risk of developing bladder cancer.

About bladder cancer

A bladder cancer diagnosis is frightening news, no matter how advanced the cancer is when it is discovered. Treatment of bladder cancer often requires surgical removal of the tumor, as well as a portion of the bladder. In advanced cases, the entire bladder may need to be removed and a new method of urine elimination may need to be surgically created. Some patients also require follow-up treatments of chemotherapy to ensure all of the cancer cells in the body are destroyed.

Although bladder cancer can be effectively treated if it is caught in the early stages, treatment may require ongoing, expensive medical care. This cancer also has a high recurrence rate, which means ongoing medical monitoring over a lifetime. The costs of this monitoring can add up quickly, adding to the financial strain for patients that have already dealt with the initial costs of medical treatment in combination with wages lost while they were unable to work during their illness.

While a lawsuit can be a way to pursue compensation for injuries incurred from Actos side effects, litigation can take some time to complete. For example, the MDL for Actos bladder cancer lawsuits was originally established in December 2011. The first early trial in that coordination did not occur until April 2014. Although that case ended in a favorable $9 billion ruling for the plaintiff, hundreds of other plaintiffs are still awaiting their day in court.

Unfortunately, bill collectors do not want to wait until litigation runs its course. Rent, medical bills and other expenses can continue to pile up throughout this process. Some plaintiffs find themselves burdened with the financial strain that makes it difficult to wait for due process to run its course.

Getting financial help

An Actos cancer lawsuit loan can help these plaintiffs find financial relief while they wait. Actos lawsuit funding from a reputable company like LawStreet Capital can help you pay your bills and other expenses before the legal process is completed.

The professional team at LawStreet Capital understand how stressful it can be to wait out the legal process, which is why we make our funding process as quick and easy as possible. Applications can be completed in just a few minutes online and approval is granted almost immediately. Once your loan is approved, you will have funds wired directly into your checking account within 24 hours.

LawStreet Capital offers a no-risk way for you to get the cash you need when you need it most. The application process is free and no money is due until your case is decided or settled.

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