Trials Delayed: Tylenol Lawsuit Funding Helps Plaintiffs in Financial Need

Steve Cid | August 18th, 2014

Tylenol Lawsuit Funding One hundred forty plaintiffs who have pending federal Tylenol liver damage lawsuits against the drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson were recently disappointed to learn the pre-trial schedule for the long awaited bellwether cases has been pushed back three months.

The Tylenol lawsuits have been centralized as part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) before US District Judge Lawrence Stengel in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Since the allegations against Johnson & Johnson are similar—that the defendant failed to provide sufficient warning about the risk of  Tylenol causing liver damage and liver failure—the MDL can help to speed  up the pre-trial process by reducing duplicative discovery and avoiding the delays of conflicting pre-trial rulings from different judges.

The now-delayed bellwether trials, which will help both the plaintiffs and the defendant gauge how their respective evidence and testimony will play out in front of a live jury, are not binding. However, in some cases, they can be a useful precursor to a pre-trial settlement if both parties agree.

To add to the possibility of further delays, the deadline for the two parties –plaintiffs and defendant—to each suggest one case to be considered for the first bellwether trial has also been pushed back three months to December 2014.

The parties will then again meet to attempt to agree on a pre-trial schedule, including deadlines for submissions of expert witnesses, witness challenges, and other matters of the court which may take until January 2015.

The impact of the delays may actually be that Tylenol liver damage lawsuits that were first centralized into the MDL in April 2013 may not go before a jury until late 2016.

Ask if you qualify for a Tylenol settlement cash advance

If you’re a plaintiff in the Tylenol liver damage litigation, you probably did not anticipate a three year or longer delay in processing your case. Unless you have unlimited resources, you’ve had to deal with extraordinary medical expenses—treatments, surgery, therapy, medications—as well as life’s day to day out of pocket expenses such as rent or mortgage, child care, transportation, insurance, and so on. These expenses are of course in addition to the mind-numbing stress of ongoing family responsibilities while physically compromised and the stress of the litigation itself.

If you qualify, LawStreet Capital can provide you with a no-risk Tylenol lawsuit funding to help you take care of the expenses that may be pushing you toward insolvency while your litigation is delayed. The advance is no-risk because if you lose your case, you owe nothing to LawStreet Capital.

Factors considered when applying for lawsuit funding

The facts of your case must demonstrate clear liability on the part of the defendant. The defendant must also have the ability to pay damages. Johnson & Johnson certainly has the ability to cover any settlements that may arise out of the Tylenol liver damage litigation.

LawStreet Capital will take into consideration other expenses that will need to be paid from any settlement you may receive. If you have medical bills, an ongoing need for medications, physical therapy, or equipment such as a wheel chair, a significant settlement will provide enough to pay all parties.

Applying for Tylenol lawsuit funding is fast and free

The financial burdens associated with extended litigation can wreak havoc on your life. If you are awaiting the outcome of Tylenol litigation and need cash today, call LawStreet Capital. The application is free, there is no cost to you, and once approved, your no-risk non-recourse pre settlement advance will be in your account within 24 hours

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