With Yaz Lawsuits Still Pending, Claimants Turn to Legal Funding

Alexander Popovich | August 12th, 2014

Yaz Lawsuit FundingManufacturer Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals has already paid out over $1.8 billion in Yasmin and Yaz settlements, according to its second quarter financial report, but the company still has an additional 5,000 personal injury/product liability cases it must either defend or settle.  Over the past two years, litigation over Yaz and Yasmin side effects has grown so substantially, that it supplanted asbestos lawsuits as the country’s largest consolidated federal litigation, or MDL.

Bayer reviewing Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits for settlement negotiations

Widely considered among the nation’s leading providers of Yaz lawsuit funding, LawStreet Capital understands the lengthy waits associated with pharmaceutical litigation and the economic strains they place on victims. If you are one of the thousands waiting for compensation for Yasmin and Yaz-induced health problems, a lawsuit cash advance can alleviate this burden while your case resolves in court.

Our company knows the pain, heartache and financial distress that protracted litigation causes as plaintiffs patiently wait for fair settlement payouts or a court award. All too often, personal injury claimants are further taxed by a lack of incoming wages, as they struggle to regain their health. The bulk of Yaz and Yasmin litigation revolves around blood clot-related injuries such as pulmonary embolism, stroke and deep vein thrombosis – all of which can wreak havoc on a woman’s life. Some may have been forced to take out a second mortgage or rely on the kindness of family just to make ends meet during the interim.

Yaz and Yasmin settlement loan advantages

In addition to Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits, Bayer also faces product liability claims involving its generic counterparts Ocella and Gianvi. Women argue that had the drug maker only provided adequate warning of potential side effects and risks with its popular birth control pills, they could have made more informed decisions and avoided life-threatening injuries.

Besides complications stemming from venous thrombi (blood clots), plaintiffs have also suffered gallbladder problems, sometimes necessitating gallbladder removal.  In both the United States and Canada, a handful of deaths have also been attributed to Yasmin/Yaz exposure. Since litigation began to escalate, the FDA has since alerted consumers that birth control pills made with drospirenone – including Yaz, Yasmin and generic versions—put users at a much greater risk for developing blood clots.

According to Bayer’s most recent financial statements, the company plans to review all pending lawsuits, which are estimated at around 2,400, on an individual basis for potential settlement negotiations. If your case is still in limbo and you’re in need of a helping hand, LawStreet Capital provides both pre and post Yasmin settlement loans, putting cash in your account when you need it most.

With so many legal funding companies in the U.S., why should you partner with us? Here are seven good reasons why our lawsuit loans make perfect sense:

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