Growing Litigation Against Xarelto Manufacturer May Lead to Settlements

Jacky Gale | September 3rd, 2014

Xarelto boxFor years, drug manufacturers have been attempting to find a replacement for the gold standard in blood-thinning medications, Coumadin (warfarin). One of the newer generations of anticoagulants is Xarelto, a direct thrombin inhibitor that is prescribed to help patients reduce their risk of blood clots and subsequent stroke.

Unfortunately, like other newer generation anticoagulants, Xarelto has been linked to serious – even deadly – side effects such as uncontrollable bleeding. Now, the drug is the subject of a growing litigation effort against Bayer Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, Janssen. Some of these plaintiffs may opt for Xarelto settlement funding to help them stay afloat while their lawsuits are pending.

Unfortunately, for patients and families of those who used Xarelto and suffered ill effects, these health problems are only the beginning. Plaintiffs face an uphill battle because litigation on this scale can drag out for years. Pharmaceutical giants have seemingly endless resources at their disposal and can drag their heels in the courtroom for years before plaintiffs will see a dime in compensation. In the meantime, plaintiffs must deal with a multitude of financial pressures, including medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and similar challenges. For these plaintiffs, a Xarelto lawsuit loan could be the answer.

Xarelto settlement funding is non-recourse

Xarelto settlement funding is often ideal for plaintiffs because it’s unlike a traditional bank or credit union loan. In fact, it isn’t a loan at all – it’s a cash advance against a future jury verdict or settlement. Plaintiffs can get money in their pockets now while waiting for the lawsuit to proceed through the court system. In the event that a jury verdict is not favorable for the plaintiff and a settlement agreement is not reached, the plaintiff does not need to repay the cash advance. This means that a Xarelto lawsuit loan represents zero risk to the plaintiff.

In fact, settlement funding provides numerous benefits for plaintiffs. Getting cash when it is most needed can reduce the pressure on a plaintiff to settle too soon for less than what the pharmaceutical company might otherwise pay. Additionally, there is no fixed amount that a plaintiff might be eligible for. Rather, the plaintiff’s financial needs and the merits of a particular case will be considered on an individual basis to determine the amount of the cash advance.

It’s a common misconception that settlement funding can only be used for expenses that are directly related to the lawsuit. In fact, plaintiffs who are eligible for lawsuit loans can use the money for anything they need – from groceries and mortgage payments to hospital bills and durable medical equipment.

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