More Actos Cancer Plaintiffs Considering Lawsuit Funding

Jacky Gale | October 13th, 2014

lawyer standing before a jury

It’s a common misconception that legal proceedings such as trials are relatively quick affairs, perhaps thanks in part to legal drama TV shows. In fact, after filing a lawsuit, a plaintiff might wait months or even years before seeing the inside of a courtroom.

The lengthy nature of litigation is one reason why lawsuit funding is popular among plaintiffs who have filed Actos lawsuits and other types of complaints.

Common problems for Actos patients

Patients who used Actos (pioglitazone) were found to have an increased risk of bladder cancer, a life-threatening disease that has a high rate of recurrence even after remission has been achieved. Many of these patients have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, demanding compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses. Unfortunately, cancer treatments are prohibitively expensive. Even with health insurance, families often find that the treatments and related expenses wipe out their savings and place them thousands of dollars in debt. Furthermore, cancer patients are often forced to take lengthy leaves of absence from their jobs or to retire prematurely. Their family members also suffer lost wages due to caregiving responsibilities.

For these families, filing a lawsuit against Takeda to hold the company responsible for failing to warn of the risks of bladder cancer may provide a solution to financial troubles. Unfortunately, they may have to wait years before seeing a dime, and in the meantime, must cope with mounting medical bills and related expenses.

What is legal funding for Actos plaintiffs?

Actos lawsuit funding can help thousands of families who must wait before being justly compensated for their losses. An Actos settlement loan can provide plaintiffs and their families with the means to pay their mortgages, put food on the table, and pay medical expenses. Despite the name, legal loans are not truly loans. They’re actually cash advances taken out against the future funds you expect to receive from the defendants via a settlement agreement or jury award. This means that unlike a traditional loan from a bank or credit union, Actos lawsuit funding is non-recourse.

What are the advantages of a pre settlement loan?

Because Actos settlement loans are not like bank loans, they never need to be repaid in the event that you lose your case. You’ll assume absolutely zero risk for the funds, while enjoying the ability to keep your family afloat through the lengthy legal process. Another advantage of Actos lawsuit funding is that there are no restrictions with regard to how the money is spent. You can use the money in any way you need to. Many plaintiffs have taken out settlement loans for product liability lawsuits because even after a resolution is reached, it can still take a long time before the defendants pay them their funds.

For example, a jury recently ordered Takeda to pay over $2 million to Frances Wisniewski, a 79-year-old woman who developed bladder cancer after using Actos. The jury determined that Takeda failed to properly warn the plaintiff about the risks of the diabetes medication. Despite the substantial jury award, it is possible the plaintiff won’t see a dime because the defendants intend to appeal. Had this plaintiff taken advantage of lawsuit funding, she wouldn’t have to wait to pay her essential bills.

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