Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding Advantages Explained

Katarina Siegfeld | November 3rd, 2014

personal injury wrongful death claimA wrongful death lawsuit may be filed if a person dies as the result of some negligence or improper action on the part of another party (either an individual or a corporate entity such as a hospital or manufacturer).  The people eligible to file the lawsuit (called the “real parties of interest” in court) are those who have been harmed financially due to the death of the decedent.

While a lawsuit may provide compensation for losses incurred due to the death in question, many plaintiffs find it advantageous to seek out wrongful death lawsuit funding while they wait for the resolution of their case.

Wrongful death cases and legal funding

Many types of circumstances could be involved in a wrongful death case, including deadly car accidents caused by a defect in a recalled car, incidents of medical malpractice, accidents on the job, dangerous products that led to a fatal accident, prescription medications with undisclosed side effects, and other cases where a death could have been avoided if wrongdoing had not occurred.

The precise terms of eligibility vary from state to state.  In all states, the spouse or children of the deceased party (the “decedent,” in legal parlance) are eligible to file such cases, as are the parents of unmarried children.  Other parties, such as common law partners, other family members (such as siblings), or even parties unrelated by blood or marriage may be eligible in some states if they were financially harmed due to the death in question.  These parties may want to consider wrongful death lawsuit funding from LawStreet Capital.

Why consider wrongful death lawsuit funding?

The circumstances of those who file wrongful death claims may also vary.  However, in many cases, parties experience significant financial hardship as a result of the death in question.  For instance, a parent who dies in a deadly car accident may have been the sole breadwinner for a family that is now struggling to cope not only with the emotional effects of the loss of their father or mother, but also with very real challenges related to paying the bills.

Fortunately, a wrongful death case may be able to provide compensation for such a struggling family.  As an example, many such lawsuits are being filed in connection with recalled GM vehicles whose ignition switch flaws led to multiple fatalities.  But a lawsuit may take time, perhaps years, to be resolved while bills and expenses are piling up right now; that’s where wrongful death lawsuit funding comes in.  Such funding provides money for plaintiffs while they wait.

How does a wrongful death settlement loan work?

Funding is available in the form of settlement “loans,” which might better be described as cash advances which do not have to be repaid if a case is not successful.  They come in the form of “pre-settlement loans,” which are administered prior to the point where a settlement is reached, and “post-settlement loans,” which a plaintiff receives after the settlement is reached but before it is dispersed.

A wrongful death settlement loan may be the important tool you are looking for to support your family as you wait for compensation as part of your legal complaint.The application is free and since lawsuit funding is based on the merits of your case, employment history and collateral are irrelevant.

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