Defective Medical Device Lawsuit Funding: Why Choose LawStreet Capital?

Katarina Siegfeld | December 22nd, 2014

Lawsuit Funding CoupleIn recent years, many plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits concerning medical devices have seen significant jury awards or settlements at the conclusion of the legal process. For instance, the Stryker Corporation has agreed to pay over $1.4 billion in settlement money over defective hip implants, while other plaintiffs in cases involving defective hip and knee replacements have also received substantial awards.

For some, however, a protracted legal battle – even with a positive outcome in sight – will put a strain on their financial well-being. This is when they may want to consider defective medical device lawsuit funding as a way to make ends meet until they finally receive the financial compensation they deserve.

This is where LawStreet Capital can help: we provide funding to you in the form of a settlement loan. Such “pre-settlement” loans are better understood as a kind of cash advance that does not need to be repaid unless you find success in court. Whether you are waiting for the resolution of your case, or waiting to receive the disbursement of a settlement that has already been agreed upon, our non-recourse loans will have you covered.

Defective medical device lawsuit funding available for many types of cases

Currently, legal battles are in process over several types of defective medical devices.  These include:

  • Hip and knee replacement devices that are prone to failure, lead to additional injury, and require painful and expensive revision surgery.
  • Transvaginal mesh (TVM) implants to treat urinary incontinence and other conditions in women which have resulted in internal injury and necessitated follow-up surgeries.
  • Cases involving the Mirena IUD wherein the popular birth control device migrated or punctured the uterus, causing serious internal damage.
  • Lawsuits involving power morcellators.  This device is used during uterine surgery and has allegedly resulted in the spread of fast growing, lethal abdominal cancers.

While the details vary in each case, new details emerge every day about the corruption and conflicts of interest that can facilitate the production and sale of such defective devices. For instance, a recent Wall Street Journal article details how many advisors to the FDA regarding whether devices will be approved receive financial “perks” from the very companies whose devices they are to evaluate, and that these consulting fees are often undisclosed.

In each of these cases, the injuries associated with the devices could result in physical harm (sometimes death), major medical fees, lost wages or earning potential, additional surgeries and physical pain, loss of consortium, disruption in one’s quality of life, and psychological suffering.

Get a cash advance on your future settlement

A lawsuit can’t undue all of these losses, but it can help to recover financial compensation that will ameliorate some kinds of suffering.  And a medical device settlement loan is simply a tool to facilitate the more efficient and useful distribution of monies that are owed to you in these cases.

If you are in any stage of litigation over injuries caused by a medical device and you find yourself struggling financially due to medical bills or inability to work and earn an income because of your injury, you may want to consider a settlement loan from LawStreet Capital.

Don’t let concerns over finances derail your quest to receive just compensation for your injuries.  Contact our office at 1-866-FUND-662 to take part in a confidential and cost-free discussion with one of our representatives.


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