Xarelto Lawsuit Funding Assists Plaintiffs during Litigation

Katarina Siegfeld | February 3rd, 2015

xarelto pill bottleFor those who have filed or who are considering filing a Xarelto lawsuit, the potential length of litigation may be daunting, especially if you have financial concerns weighing heavily upon you. Plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the dangerous blood pressure drug to gain compensation for extensive medical bills incurred due to the uncontrolled bleeding episodes they experienced. They allege that the pharmaceutical companies did not adequately disclose the risks of these bleeding complications.

Some plaintiffs have lost a loved one in such an episode and have, as a result, experienced not only emotional and familial, but also financial struggles. In such cases, a Xarelto pre-settlement loan may be a good option to sustain a plaintiff financially until the trials reach a conclusion with a jury verdict or settlement.

Currently, Xarelto lawsuits have been consolidated as part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Eastern District of Louisiana.  As of the first month of this year, there are 86 cases that are part of the MDL, all of which will share a pretrial discovery phase before actually going to court.

It is likely that hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of cases will join the Xarelto MDL. In a MDL involving Pradaxa, a blood pressure medication with similarly undisclosed bleeding risks, more than 4000 cases were ultimately filed before a settlement was reached. Although the goal of the MDL is to streamline and thus speed up the process of litigation, that process will be all the more complex as additional cases are added.

A Xarelto pre settlement loan can bridge the gap

Currently, those involved in the Xarelto MDL are taking care of several preliminary steps needed to structure the litigation process. For instance, attorneys representing clients in the MDL are now applying to serve in various leadership roles necessary for the litigation to move forward. The judge in the case, U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon, will also likely preside over the process of selecting a small group of “bellwether” or preliminary trials, designed to set precedent for other cases to follow and to encourage large scale settlements.

It is not yet known when those preliminary trials will begin.

As plaintiffs wait for the trials themselves to begin, they may want to explore Xarelto lawsuit funding. For instance, a pre-settlement loan will provide capital to a plaintiff to pay bills and keep finances afloat until the actual date when a settlement is agreed upon and dispensed to the plaintiff.

Questions about Xarelto lawsuit funding

Plaintiffs who wish to take advantage of such legal funding may wonder about the terms of such loans. They can rest easily, knowing that the term “loan” is actually somewhat misleading; lawsuit funding is more like a cash advance that does not have to be repaid if the lawsuit is not successful. The advantages are substantial, while the risks involved are negligible.

LawStreet Capital is happy to provide plaintiffs or potential plaintiffs involved in the Xarelto MDL with any additional information about lawsuit funding that they may need to make an informed decision.

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