Mirena IUD Lawsuit Funding for Cases Set to Start in 2016

Katarina Siegfeld | March 31st, 2015

happy lawsuit funding coupleAs thousands of women across the country have filed Mirena IUD lawsuits alleging that they suffered injuries due to their use of this popular method of birth control, the courts have developed litigation processes to more effectively and efficiently handle the volume of cases now pending in the legal system. However, it will still take some time before the first lawsuits come to trial. Cases that are part of the previously established multicounty litigation (MCL) and multidistrict litigation (MDL) in New Jersey and New York respectively will not see the inside of a courtroom until at least one year from now, in the spring of 2016.

Current (and prospective) plaintiffs in the Mirena cases may have concerns about how to make ends meet while they wait for their day in court, and for a jury award or settlement that would compensate them for their medical expenses and other costs that they have incurred meanwhile. Such women may wish to consider Mirena IUD lawsuit funding.

What is Mirena lawsuit funding?

Lawsuit funding is available to plaintiffs who are participating in lawsuits that will take some time to reach completion. These plaintiffs may anticipate that a jury award or settlement will provide compensation for the many expenses they have incurred due to the injuries they have suffered (such as medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential and so forth). However, some of these plaintiffs may be in need of funding now. Legal funding may be the answer.

Lawsuit funding is available in the form of various kinds of “loans” that can be dispersed before a settlement is established, or after the establishment but before the dispersal of a settlement. The word “loan” is somewhat misleading, as the funding available from LawStreet Capital is more like a cash advance. This cash advance, crucially, does not have to be repaid in the event that no settlement is reached.

Why consider lawsuit funding as a Mirena IUD plaintiff?

As a Mirena IUD plaintiff, you are one of thousands of women who have filed suit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Many of these cases have been consolidated as part of the MCL established in New Jersey (numbering over 1800) at this time or as part of the MDL in New York State, which includes over 1000 cases.

The course followed in each of these litigation processes is designed to process the cases efficiently and, in the best possible outcome, to encourage a large scale settlement that will resolve all of the cases. However, this is not going to happen overnight.

The earliest preliminary (“bellwether”) cases for both the mass tort and MDL are scheduled to take place in March of 2016. Most recently, Judge Brian Marinotti issued a case management order outlining the procedure and schedule for establishing a pool of cases from which to select a second bellwether case in the MCL in New Jersey. Lead counsel for both the defendant and the plaintiffs are to e-mail their selections of 7 cases to the court by July 2. The process of selection will continue well into the summer of 2016.

Contact LawStreet Capital for more information

As a plaintiff, you have high hopes that justice will ultimately be served. But if you need financial assistance now, please contact LawStreet Capital at 1-866-FUND-662 for more information about Mirena IUD lawsuit funding. We can provide answers to your all of your questions, and once you are approved for your loan, you can have it in your account within 24 hours. It’s that simple.