Using Elder Abuse Lawsuit Funding to Overcome Financial Exploitation

Stephanie Reid | March 13th, 2015

elderly patient and nurseElder abuse occurs in many forms, including physical, sexual, mental, and financial. Of these, financial abuse can be the most difficult to spot, and there fore the most difficult to get recourse from.

Sadly, by the time family members and close friends learn of the ongoing financial exploitation of their elderly loved one, it may be too late to remedy the situation. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, along with the efforts of local law enforcement, family members can use civil litigation to help put the pieces back together on behalf of the trusting and vulnerable victim.

In the meantime, though, bills must be paid and nursing care must be maintained – which can be made possible with an elder abuse settlement loan to help bridge the gap between the unthinkable incident and the final recovery. For more information about a lawsuit loan, be sure to contact the compassionate and caring representatives of LawStreet Capital right away.

Elder abuse lawsuits can take time to resolve

Financial exploitation of the elderly is hardly a new concept; however, fraudsters are finding new and innovative ways to implement scams every day. Oftentimes, the perpetrator will spend months (or years) gaining the trust of the victim by offering daily care or companionship. Slowly, the victim will come to rely on the perpetrator, and various steps will ensue:

  • Sudden and drastic changes to an established estate plan
  • Disinheriting family members
  • Large withdraws or deductions from accounts and investments
  • Seemingly-irrational decisions to sell real estate or valuable personal property
  • Naming the perpetrator as agent in a durable power of attorney
  • Refusing help from family members and trusted friends

Once these symptoms emerge, chances are strong that the perpetrator has already begun siphoning assets and funds from the victim, often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

From there, families are left with just a few expensive options to reclaim the assets. First, undoing an estate plan will require a lengthy and volatile proceeding in a court of equity. Second, family members can sue the perpetrator civilly for fraud or breach of fiduciary duty – which will require proof that the victim did not intend to make the financial changes.

Third, family members can file a lawsuit against the nursing facility or medical entity responsible for overseeing the care and safety of its patients; however, resolving this type of conflict can take years.

Settlement funding to bridge the gap

At LawStreet Capital, we pride ourselves on straightforwardness and honesty as we work with clients. We are able to offer near-immediate funding for qualifying elder abuse cases, as well as overnight deposits of much-needed cash to pay for bills and long-term care. Unlike predatory lawsuit funding outfits, we raise 100 percent of our own capital and never tie clients to unconscionable, unrealistic loan terms. The rules are actually quite simple: you only repay if you win – that’s it!

To get started with your application, please contact Law Street Capital right away by calling us at 888-560-3717.